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What's next for Britney Spears?


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Life. - from now, they can “Leave Britney Alone!

(Btw: Thanks for not recycling the same duck-lipped Britney in the red dress photo . . . Oh, wait. There it is again. Oh, well.)

Good Luck, Britney!

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Another Who Cares Moment

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It's about time.

Although it is obvious that she is not well, she is coherent enough to control her own finances.

It's not beyond the realm of argument to say that daddy induced a lot of problems from an undisclosed childhood.

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What's she gonna use daddy for this time ?

And then blame him for everything.

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I'm certain there are other public figures out there with more serious mental health issues than Brittany.

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I’m so glad she is finally free! I’m also tired of hearing people say ‘Who Cares?’ evidently a lot of people do as there is a whole movement around this. Plus, it attracted you enough to make a pointless comment, so..

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Good luck to her. She’s more genuine than most in the entertainment world.

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