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What happened? Oscar host Kimmel was unflappable


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actors/actresses, comedians, directors pandering lame politics.. their job is to pretend to be other people not spread propaganda.

Firstly, if their endorsements had any effect Trump would not have won. Secondly, they are mere jesters who perform on stage or screen. Who cares?

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An actor's job is to read the lines that have been written for them. Faye Dunaway did her job.

Dunaway, who was there to read the name of the winner of the Best Picture category, read the name of the movie that was on the card she was shown by Warren Beatty. Unfortunately, the representative from PricewaterhouseCoopers had handed Beatty the wrong envelope. Beatty seemed to be trying to figure out what had gone wrong, and how to fix it.

Of course, there still would have been time to avoid a major kerfuffle if Dunaway hadn't publically announced the wrong name so quickly. Or Beatty could have told Dunaway why he hadn't announced the winner himself. Either actor could have requested assistance from backstage, or they could have gone backstage themselves. Big stage, large audience, plus time constraints equals a lot of pressure.

Oh well, Hollyweird has another chance to talk about themselves again.

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Sorry righties, but you guys lost all rights to criticize celebrities after electing one for president.

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You ask who cares Dongo bong. Several hundred million do.

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"Unflappable?" Try wholly "forgettable."

We "lost our right?" Uh-huh...that's going to work. Good luck with your Safe Space for the next few years, cupcake.

Kimmel was about as crucial to the Final Fiasco or the show in general as the glass of water stashed forgotten under the Awards podium. In other words, not at all. Sad comedy, and even worse production value. Here's a hint: when the most memorable moment of your team's game is the major error you committed in play, you're NOT very good to begin with...

But hey! Viewership dropped by more than 10% compared with just last year...which in La-la-land is termed a "smashing success." Now stand back and watch Donald Trump show the tools in Hollywood how to get proper viewership during his upcoming speech to Congress! LOL

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We "lost our right?" Uh-huh...that's going to work. Good luck with your Safe Space for the next few years, cupcake.

It's an expression, sweetie. By all means, criticize all you want, but simply attacking their celebrity status doesn't make you sound very Nlightened. It's the Republicans that elected celebrity presidents twice now.

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In any case if you chose to listen to people who pretend as a profession that shows something about your character. Obviously if most people listened to these jesters Trump would not be President

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Eight years of "Discord" are over.

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A lot of great moments in the show. Kimmel's opening was smart and funny. Inviting the tourists into the show was charming, and warm. Next year they'll invite the New York Times. Seemed like a pretty great group of people in that audience.

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