What to stream this week: 'Oppenheimer,' Adam Sandler as a lizard and celebs dance to Taylor Swift


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Will Oppenheimer be available to stream in Japan, and if so, on which provider?

As far as I know it didn’t get a cinematic release here and I am eager to view one of the biggest films of 2023.

A lot of people don’t like being told what they can and cannot watch.

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@Derek Grebe - No, not on any streaming platforms in Japan. It's on various platforms in the US and the UK from the 21 and 22 November respectively. Many foreigners have VPN access here to the US platforms. I do also, but my 4K Disc will arrive Wednesday in any case. I think this deserves the full uncompressed treatment as we never got to see it at the Cinema here.

A lot of people ignore what they can and cannot be told to watch and and find a solution.

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We watched Oppenheimer in three parts.

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No interest in American cultural schlock.

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@wallace - May I ask where? Since it has been unavailable in Japan ( or anywhere for home screening legally ANYWHERE until today), I hope you did it more justice than watching via a pirated feed on YouTube through a computer screen.

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