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What to stream this week: Willie Nelson, Chip & Joanna Gaines, Jim Henson and Benedict Cumberbatch


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Nothing to stream this week..

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Now the group is preparing to release their debut full-length studio album, “Armageddon.” Lead single “Supernova” samples Afrika Bambaataa ’s ‘Planet Rock’ from 1982 and brings their electronic experiments even further into the future.

A phony group sampling a classic early hip-hop gem. 'Electronic experiments'? 'Future'? I saw the German synth band Kraftwerk live last week, they invented the 'future' and revolutionized rock'n'roll. They changed the world with original musical compositions on synthesizers - which ARE instruments BTW. And no lip-synching or wretched autotune either! 'Armageddon' alright, this is the Armageddon of good original music.

Willie Nelson makes yet another covers CD, but at least he's still working. And he is working, going on tour in North America w/ Neil Young and John Hoosier Mellencamp (his fellow Farm Aid benefit founders).

'Fixer Upper', another ego trip from a self-promoting couple who needs to just go away.

And now that the dirtbag OJ is dead, do we need to rehash the life story of the starstruck ex-wife that he murdered?

Grammy-, Tony- and Emmy-winner Ben Platt brings his Broadway-sized pop to a third studio album, “Honeymind.” It’s a cheery pop-rock record (produced by Dave Cobb, known for his work with country greats Chris Stapleton, Brandi Carlile and most recently, Zayn Malik), deeply informed by his own love story and Peter Gabriel melodies. It’s an ideal record for musical theater fans looking for a different change of pace

The cover art is certain to get some homophobes and religious fanatics hyper-in-the-diaper, AGAIN. As for me, it's just not very interesting. And as for 'Peter Gabriel melodies', I have several of his CDs (the new 'I/O' 2CD set is great!) and I've seen him in concert twice. I'll take the Real McCoy any day, Thank You Very Much.

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