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When aliens attack, real news anchors are on the scene


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A bit closer to home... the monster movie 'Daikaiju-mono' opens in Japan in about 3 weeks, with a similar mix of fake news reporting, celebrities and fiction. Look for the stem cell 'Obokata' character in the TRAILER: http://mono-movie.com/

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It makes it feel more real. Im all for it. I'm concerned about anyone who confuses a movie about aliens etc. with reality.

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The problem is the news casters sequences are always boring. It's become an old cliche that has no energy or freshness about it. An original idea might be to come up with local broadcasters and make them very real. But still, a really good writer lets the audience do some of the heavy lifting. Some good sci-fi in the last few years were about people in isolated pockets and the action never left them. Think about what Welles did in his radio broadcasts. His approach got the audience completely involved. He even let the radio go completely dead. You never want the audience to be just staring at the screen. Cutting to newscasters is a dead idea. Remember when the info was passed by having a spinning newspaper zoom in on the screen? The build up in Spielberg's War Of The Worlds was the best I've ever seen.

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No need for the cameos, their ethics are in the toilet. For exactly this reason, is why Natural Born Killers is one of my favorite movies.

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A bit closer to home... the monster movie 'Daikaiju-mono' opens in Japan in about 3 weeks

Wow. That is one cheesy movie.

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