When filming sex scenes, 'intimacy coordinators' are key

By Thomas URBAIN

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How does the me too 'movement' deal with such scenes? Doesn't it contradict their beliefs? Soon they're just going to replace actors with robots?

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Well, just from SJW foreigner fb folks I met here in Tokyo, the way they spoke, would make me belief their anti sex, anti everything that's not anti bacterial

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21st Century film production requires a new interesting range of multiple skill sets.

For the actress an 'intimacy coordinator'...For the Actor A 'Phallic orthotics coordinator'.....Then the ability to relay information sensitively, communicating feedback. No gears, pulleys or strings allowed.

I keep on insisting, Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars.

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Oh my god!! Shocking.

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Pay someone to ficilitate communication between actor and director? That sounds like a failure of leadership.

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How soon before couples request the presence of a “intimacy coordinator" whilst on a date?......

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On set, the coordinator -- who is usually a woman 

In the interests of equality, shouldn't 50% of the coordinators be men?

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