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When I get older: Paul McCartney going strong at 80

By Charles ONIANS

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Why did Paul McCartney become vegetarian?

Paul has often said that he and Linda became vegetarian after watching lambs gambolling outside their farm window. They pushed their lamb chops aside, and that was the end of their meat-eating days. “It is because we like animals, it's an ethical thing, not really about health,” Paul told Nigel Slater in 2007

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Thanks for the memories. It’s hard to believe, with the deaths of Lennon and Harrison, that they’re half gone.

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Going strong?

Well for 80 I guess but otherwise...... Embarrassing.

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Happy birthday Paul! Come on, he isn’t sat there reading this now is he?

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Soon be 64…?

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McCartney - the best of them all ( all outside of the Beatles,that is). A total genius(just like John was).

So many awesome songs. I'm listening to the Beatles right now. "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

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De-de-de-de de-de de-DE! They say it's his birthday. De-de-de-de de-de de-DE! Happy birthday Sir Paul.

De-de-de-de de-de de-DE! They say he is eighty! De-de-de-de de-de de-DE! Happy birthday, Sir Paul!

Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam! (here's where the guitar kicks in)

We're gonna a party, party......

Happy 80th Birthday to Sir Paul McCartney, who is Fab Forever and whose music has enriched my entire life (and even before I was born) and so many others.

Keep on rocking and thank you! He ranks amongst Prince, Springsteen as a giant who has explored, written and released so much music of so many styles - the type of artist that wrote something that practically everyone can enjoy or at least relate to. I saw Sir Ringo (not yet knighted) with his All Starr Band in 1999, and I'd like to catch Paul on stage as well. His songs are a soundscape to our lives. I have a special personal story about 'Hey Jude' for instance. We all have our memories and stories. That's what makes Paul such an icon.

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