When Keanu met Sonny Chiba: Veteran action actor surprises 'John Wick' star on Japanese TV

By Evie Lund, RocketNews24

Hollywood mega-star Keanu Reeves seems to be spending most of his time in Japan these days. There was the time he tried to be a regular tourist in Akihabara, despite being followed by crowds of adoring fans. And there was that time he flew all the way here just to meet his idol, Kumamon.

Yep, everyone here loves Keanu, so much so that when he appeared on Japanese TV last week to promote his action movie "John Wick" (which is finally coming out in Japan this month) they surprised him with a special gift – a surprise appearance by Sonny Chiba, Japanese martial arts movie star and one of Keanu’s biggest influences!

Keanu appeared on the TV show "Zip" on October 6 here in Japan to promote "John Wick," which is due for release in Japan on October 16. In the interview, Keanu describes how he admires the talents of Sonny Chiba, praising the passion in his performances. At that exact moment, Chiba, who is perhaps best-known in the West for roles in "Kill Bill" and "The Street Fighter," appears behind him.

Keanu is clearly delighted to meet the martial arts veteran, and even brings out his Japanese skills with an enthusiastic “Hajimemashite" (“It’s a pleasure to meet you”).” In fact, he gets so excited, he even breaks out a few karate moves right there on the sofa.

We’ve still got our fingers crossed that we’ll bump into Keanu some time soon at our favourite ramen shop! After all, he practically lives here now, so we reckon our chances are pretty good!

Source: NariNari

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Cute as a schoolboy when he saw his hero!

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Keanu is about as genuine as you get in a Hollywood star.

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