When purple reigned: A 1985 Prince concert finds a new life


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Purple Rain , Purple Rain

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I look forward to seeing this.

I like the Sign o' the Times concert movie, but is was largely overdubbed and reshot with parts recorded on the soundstage at Prince's Paisley Park studio. This sounds more authentic.

I think it's Dutch TV but there is a great recording of a concert during the Lovesexy tour. The songs off that album sound much better live.

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A brilliant artist, song writer, performer. One of the greats.

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Yes, a great artist of a bygone era. The later 80’s and early 90’s were obviously the highest point of development of anything, so Prince is another prove for that. Have a look around now, nothing comparable, and the whole thing shortly before going over the edges. Not a big loss now, because the big loss already happened those few decades ago.

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I saw Prince live in Rotterdam.

My god he put on a show.

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I remember it all. The Sign O' the Times movie was really good, this guy's music was a huge part of my teen years and adulthood up to 2016. His death resulted in MTV, VH1, BET, all FM radio stations to preempt to play/show his work. It was a sad shocking horrible week.

Prince wasn't just a superstar for the 80s, not just for my Generation X, but for all time. All time in rock'n'roll.

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