White Day wedding for Yu Yamada and Shun Oguri


Actress Yu Yamada, 27, and actor Shun Oguri, 29, will tie the knot on White Day (March 14). The couple sent faxes to media from their agencies on Monday, announcing the news.

Yamada and Oguri started dating after appearing together in a TV drama in January 2008. Their relationship had a lot of ups and down, most of which were covered by the tabloid media.

In their fax, the couple said they really appreciate the support of their family and friends. "We are going to support each other and make each day meaningful and we would like to build a warm family. We hope to get encouragement from all of you. Thank you."

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Dammit! She's taken!

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Hope they stay together cuz if they have a bad break up,that day will be tattooed to them forever and feel miserable.

not necessarily, media is good at whitewashing !

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Wasn't Nozomi Sasaki involved with this guy a few months ago in an affair? Oh well, some people never learn I guess.

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I think Yu is one of the sexiest talentos here, next to Ebi Chan and Meisa Kuroki. Good luck to her!

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She is ridiculously hot.

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Serrano, damn straight.

Yu's been my favorite model/talent since...forever! :)

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Of course I hope I'm wrong, but if he's cheated on her, he'll cheat on her. He's already bored. She'd be better off with somebody who wants her.

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"It's a... White Day for a...nice weddinnnnnng"

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My, my! She really is something. That is one beautiful woman. My spuds are definitely boiling!

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So, how pregnant is she? ;)

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I hope they live happily and stay together for the longest time.. Oh Shun, you're on seventh heaven, I guess...

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will tie the knot on White Day (March 14).

Just saw the media event for this. They got married yesterday, whilst he is in China filming! At least he knows, as he sent her a fax!! I must admit though that she looks much more "in" to this marriage than he does. Cheating during the courting period (oh dear, that sounds so ancient!!) when the passions and infatuation for each other SHOULD be at their highest is not a good signal either, but good luck to them. At least they have been with each other romatically for 4 years or more, which is a darn sight better than the usual 3-4 weeks you see with some genojin, and they were in Hawaii with their parents last year on holiday.

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This stint wouldn't last long. Let's see when and how it would end eventually.

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I'm so Happy for both of you :) ....Yu' Hopefully you will have a new album...

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