Whitney Houston, Biggie among Rock Hall of Fame inductees


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Very broad definition of "Rock".

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Biggie's lyrics are legendary

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Biggie gets in and Thin Lizzy still not in? Gimme a break. The RRHOF has been a joke for years.

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There are two levels of inductees this year: Nine Inch Nails, and everyone else.

"Everyone else" aren't bad at all. They're just not on par with NIN.

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The last time I followed current inductions into the Rock Hall of Fame was when RUSH was inducted.

Pop icon Whitney Houston and rapper The Notorious B.I.G. are among this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees

I won't bother following the ROCK Hall of fame anymore. You literally have the genre "POP" and "RAP" with the names of a couple of the current inductees in the first sentence of the above article. Those genres can start their own Hall of Fame. I do like some of Depeche Mode's and NIN's work, and I will admit the catagory of Rock is stretched a bit to allow them in, but I'll let it slide since those two bands can actually ROCK at times.

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I respect all of these artists; however, it does sort of dilute the meaning of "Rock and Roll" Hall of Fame.

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English glam rock band T-Rex.

Bolan also wrote some interesting hippie acoustic stuff before going electric.

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But just three women were among the short-list of potentials this year: Houston, who made the cut, along with Pat Benatar and Rufus, featuring Chaka Khan.

Forget about Rufus, featuring Chaka Khan. Just Chaka Khan, please.

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Pat Benatar should have been inducted, that is all I am going to say.

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