Wild-and-wacky Grammys red carpet does Las Vegas proud


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Looks like that horrific Met Gala. - Where’s our part-time activist/media darling?

Thank goodness best left such events to focus on one sport rather than pursuing social media, music & entertainment celebrity as well ; )

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‘Wild, Wild Kan Ye West’ is barred from performing after posting derogatory remarks & continuing odd behavior on social media about Grammy’s host Trevor Noah

and his now-less-than-favorite comedian(?), Pete Davidson.

Possibly, Ye ‘Will’ take some of the focus off drama duo Pinkett & Smith.

In the words of our friend Living in Tokyo, tune in later as “the American entertainment circus continues”. . .

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Saweetie in fuchsia Valentino and Tiffany Haddish… in white Saint Laurent. Count Chrissy Teigen in the pink camp… let's all hope that Billie Eilish doesn't get her curtain dress trend to trickle down.

Couldn’t agree more, and absolutely fabulous, I’m sure - hold the front page! - but to me that entire article might as well be Swahili.


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Man, do they look ridiculous and downright dorky.

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These are very brave fashionistas

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LamillyApr. 4  09:18 pm JST

These are very brave fashionistas

And you'll never see anyone wear these outfits again. Gotte keep those fashion designers busy.

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These are very brave fashionistas

If I had the money to spend on clothes that these people apparently have, I hope I would spend it less ‘bravely’.

There’s fashion, and then there’s …. overkill? classlessness? stupidity?

Definitely signs of folk trying way too hard and achieving the opposite of what they are trying to achieve. Assuming that what they are trying to achieve is looking good.

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