Will an earlier Oscars broadcast attract more viewers? ABC plans to try the 7 p.m. slot in 2024


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It doesn't matter what time it is on. The Oscars have turned off far too many people with their wokeness.

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Lecture the public with your snooty woke trash and they will tune out.

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I can sort of understand the attraction of industry awards events for those involved within the industry. It's a little bit of razz to look forward to and network.

As much as I enjoy cinema, however, I don't think it is necessary for the layman to be involved. Other than the purely technical categories, the nominations are subjective and prone to political / social horsetrading which triggers certain types.

None of us can state with any confidence which is the best movie / band / painting / photo.

Just make them online PPV.

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Better movies, less wokeness and better selection of nominees will bring back watchers. You can thank me later.

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Inquiring minds want to know: Are Oscars #Still So White?? lol.

lol! With the pure drek they're pumping out lately, why would anyone want to inflict on themselves the over three hours of virtue-signalling and back-patting awards ceremonies specifically created not for the audience, but FOR the CREATORS of said drek content, anyway??

But if it's your cup of tea, then by all means, enjoy your masochism. As the audience thins even further...

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A one-word answer: No.

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People are fed up with that lark because they bring politics and stuff into it which I think is horrid and annoying, you see

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Hollywood is fast growing to be one of the most despised communities in the world. They, though not all, brought it on themselves with thier wokeness, trash content and holier than thou attitude.

Get back to making entertaining, high quality content that resonates with the common folk!

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