Will Downey suit up again after $175 mil 'Iron Man 3' haul on opening weekend?


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Iron Man 4! Iron man 4!

But Downey could be replaced. By... I was going to say Chris Pine, but he'll probably be busy reprising Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek 3... hmmm... tough one...

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He's got more money than most actors from so few movies. Why give it up? I say he'll do one more then go into something else.

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I waited my whole life for my favorite childhood comic book to become a movie on the big screen. It was worth the wait!

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I really hope Mr. Downey can stay off the gear this time - but with truckloads of cash and more fame heading his way it's gonna be tough. Def wanna watch the whole Iron Man series now...

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Every theaters ub Clark County, USA where Las Vegas is, have Ironman 3 ads. Marvel will have good revenue this week.

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Robert Downy Jr. was a name I knew as a child, but until Iron Man I never knew why. I never remembered a movie of his etc.

Iron Man was the first time I saw his face and I remember thinking, “Oh, so that is the man behind the name.” I don’t know what his past allegations were and I frankly don’t care. There is no one else would could have taken Iron Man where it is today, above all of the other superhero movies and into The Avengers. Edward Norton is a good actor who got a sucker punch from Hollywood, but even without him The Avengers was good, highly because of Iron Man and Robert Downy Jr. He is just the most memorable personality and the one we all want to be.

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He did "Air America" with Mel "Normal?! I'm not normal!" Gibson. He also played the lead character in a Charley Chaplin bio-pic.

Both were respectable parts and were the REAL start of the recovery of his career.

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He was great as Sherlock Holmes too. My husband took our son for some boy-bonding time yesterday and they both loved it.

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I hope he stays as Ironman for as long as it runs. Only because I hate it when they change actors all of a sudden. They way they changed the guy who was War Machine was bad enough.

I saw Ironman 3 the other day. It was... meh. But not bad.

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I really hope Mr. Downey can stay off the gear this time - but with truckloads of cash and more fame heading his way it's gonna be tough.

It may indeed be difficult. Downey Jr. has had a child recently with his wife who he credits with helping him kick his drug and alcohol habits but, would it be relevant to note that they are not Japanese? I hope the only connection will be the product endorsement deal for the robots the government are planning to build, many Iron Man instalments down the line.

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Yeah in Avengers 2, and iron man 4.

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