Will Smith gets fresh all-CGI clone in 'revolutionary' new sci-fi


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Will Smith is inadvertently promoting his own future unemployment, and that of every other Hollywood actor.

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I remember The Gemini Man, back in the day. Dude had a digital watch and kept going invisible every few minutes.

Another Will Smith vehicle, eh. I imagine there will be the obligatory father and child scene, where Will gets validated as a well meaning dad. Ho hum.

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Gemini Man" has been trapped in development for more than two decades, bouncing between studios, directors and stars as Hollywood has waited for technology to catch up with the movie's plot --

Absolutely amazing. Can't wait to see it.

@Burning Bush when robots were introduced in the work place we were told no man would work in drudgery or have to do dirty, dangerous work. Guess what, millions still do that. Similarly, this new technology will not put popular human actors out of a job. You don't have to worry about Will Smith

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@Burning Bush

There was a popular movie from my childhood called the Matrix. The first movie filmed all the fight scenes with real people. However, the final two movies used CGI. This technology won’t replace actors or people. People still pay to go see their favorite actors. Also, if this technology replaces people, then it because where studios will now be paying people millions to use their likeness and not actually have to act.

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Does he get twice the salary?

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This guy keeps doing trash movies. Please don't cast this dude no more!

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@Russel Bautista

This guy keeps doing trash movies. Please don't cast this dude no more!

Like music and all other art forms, everyone judges and reacts to it differently. Where you see trash, millions of people seem to see greatness.

That's why he has been able to gross $3.2 billion domestically over his 25 movies before Aladdin. Seems millions don't share your opinion. An example, for me is Will Ferrell. His acting and brand of comedy makes me feel as if I am wasting my time and I come away feeling as if I lost IQ points. But majority of the people I know love his movies and finds him funny.

Art won't appeal to everyone. Some get it and some don't. In terms of Will Smith movies, you don't get it.

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