Willem Dafoe: 'I flirted with Van Gogh's ghost'

By Fiachra Gibbons

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Kind of unsettling to hear Van Gogh speak with an obvious New York accent. If the story is good enough, might be possible to overlook that.

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Dafoe is pitching the movie all right, but it does sound interesting and he does sound like the right actor to portray Van Gogh.

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Kind of unsettling to hear Van Gogh speak with an obvious New York accent

Not the first time: Kurusawa cast Martin Scorsese as Van Gogh in a segment of 'Dreams' (夢)

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Well, if he wants to have a future in Canne or in France, it should not impact the value of our Van Gogh Paintings and drawings. Everything that blemish France aura have always found money but today France is waking up and USA too.

Culture appropriation is badly seen , and this is french culture. So France have legally a say in everything the man will do on the screen. His Freedom ? No. Not at this political time, we are talking about serious bad and fake and organise publicity against the world freedom (this include america and others).



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