William Friedkin, Oscar-winning director of 'The Exorcist' and 'The French Connection,' dies at 87


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Doyle: Gimme a Jack Daniels,

Barman: Jack qui?

Doyle: Yeah, gimme a Jackie Daniels.

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Rudy good films both of those.

RIP old top

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Directed a lot of films including my faves To Live & Die in LA, French Connection, and Exorcist. He was kind of "realism" director with his films often feeling like documentaries. Apart from Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield, there is no soundtrack in the Exorcist. No jump scares from sudden sounds, It all leads to an intense build-up. One of the old school directors who relied on technique not technology and gimmicks.

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I'd never heard of The Sorcerer until I saw it a few years ago on one of the cable channels. I liked it a lot as it actually has a plot and the acting and action scenes were passable. I wouldn't call it a gangster picture though. More of an adventure-action film. The Exorcist was a masterpiece of true horror and The French Connection was an outstanding movie about the war on drugs with truly iconic chase scenes and excellent dialogue. It was so rare back then for big budget Hollywood movies to be done in more than just English and the subtitles put on the screen. I still watch them regularly as both are still eminently watchable and easy even for today's young audiences to relate to, though there is no CG, corny tough guy dialogue or gratuitous violence. RIP, William Friedkin. There are very very few great directors like you nowadays.

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Rudy good films both of those.

I wonder if you have ever seen Exorcist.

The Exorcist glorified satanism and exploited a young girl, so for people with high morals such as myself, it is clearly one of most damaging movies to society ever made you see.

I prefer rom coms. Hugh Grant and the floppy English gent all the way. What am I like lol

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The Exorcist glorified satanism

@Elvis, are you serious? Makes me wonder if you've ever seen it.

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@Elvis is here

The film has no references to satanism, their practices, or cults. It’s about demonic possession involving a single person and unless you believe in supernatural demons, is not meant to be taken seriously in any way.

Your supposed ‘high morals’ seems to be more about sensationalism and ignorance

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he Exorcist glorified satanism

@Elvis, are you serious? Makes me wonder if you've ever seen it.

sorry old top. Geezers like me make our own minds about occult shenanigans. I have a family and a fit bird to protect. I say it glorifies so it does to me. Oh yeah.

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Seriously, just tell them it’s sarcasm.

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I’ve never seen “The Exorcist,” but I remember when it was originally released. It caused quite a stir, and even made some people run from the theaters.

@Elvis, are you serious? Makes me wonder if you've ever seen it.

Your supposed ‘high morals’ seems to be more about sensationalism and ignorance.

These would be absolutely true comments, except for the fact that’s he’s being facetious.

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@Elvus is here

Great! It’s good when ignorance is admitted!!

Ah…party tell….which demons and satanic cults do you need to protect your family from? LOL!

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It’s been a very long time since I saw “The French Connection” and it’s sequel. All I remember is we taped them off BBC Two in a time before Channel 5 existed and that I enjoyed them (possibly the second one more). I don’t think I enjoyed “The Exorcist” very much the one time I saw it.

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