William Shatner salutes Trekkies


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Schatner says, I [have] never been ambivalent. I [am] only filled with gratitude with the fame it gave me years ago and the way it [has] kept me in the public eye.

Indeed. For most 81 year-old actors their starring roles are over. Shatner is still on the stage receiving the adulation that most actors, by their nature, crave. Albeit it's a convention stage, but what a large one. (Not to overlook the large fees that he and the others joining him can command.

He goes on to say: The conclusion that I come to is that it (Star Trek) [is] mythological. It [is] a desire for mythology that we do [not] have in this age.

Shatner is correct. That idea is key to the series' appeal. Gene Roddenberry, the writer and brilliant futurist who conceived of the show tapped into what was missing in modern life: a viable mythology. He used but transformed the archetypes within the classical myth systems of the world and gave a new vision of what a future might be.

During the height of the cold war, on the Enterprises's bridge and those of the vessels which followed her, the characters (representing the nations of the world and including women in positions of real power) came together. Their mandate was to establish diplomatic relations and resolve disputes through respectful negotiations and consensus rather than warfare. Forbidden to interfere with other cultures by the Prime Directive, it was a not only a model of how people on earth might behave but also a powerful rebuke of colonization and the evils perpetrated in its name.

Star Trek did what mythologies have always done--showed us the foibles of the gods and truths for all time.

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Shatner did a great portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk, but his greatest performance was his rendition of Elton John's Rocket Man at the 1978 Science Fiction Awards show.

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If it wasn't for Star Trek, Shatner might have gone down in history only for his bravura performance in "The Twilight Zone"--"Nightmare at 20,000 Feet".

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I would love to meet him.

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I can't believe he's 81! I remember watching the original Star Trek when I was a kid, but I didn't think he was that old. Still looks pretty good for 81...

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If it wasn't for Star Trek, Shatner might have gone down in history only for his bravura performance in "The Twilight Zone"--"Nightmare at 20,000 Feet".

He was in the black and white "Judgement at Nurenberg", not a bad film either.

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This has temporal violation written all over it.

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My favorite Shatner stand up is "I Am Canadian!"


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Best Enterprise captain ever.

I have to say that Star Trek isn't unique - Roddenberry always said he wanted a Wagon Train to the stars... so he ripped off "Forbidden Planet". If you compare the dynamics, the main characters and even the use of Shakespeare as a starting point.... we, need I say more?

Saying that, I still love the original series... with the new model and matte shots it's now perfect. Although series 3 has a shed-load of iffy episodes.


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Tbird, yes, we agree. Inspired, at least, by Forbidden Planet, but light-years beyond. TOS tackled topics that were taboo at the time via Sci-Fi. And the Captain's middle initial changed along the way.

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And Shakespeare ripped off--or rather riffed off, which is entirely different--much earlier works than his. At one time anything new was suspect as invalid. Writers showed their cred by recycling old stories.

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But the greatness wasn't to be found in the story but the telling. Shakespeare isn't quoted or studied for plot twists. It's all characterization and language, baby.

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