With 'Thirteen Lives,' Ron Howard revisits Thai cave rescue

By Paula RAMON

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If anyone can do it, Ron Howard can.

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Special advisor Elon Musk?

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What does Ron Howard know about Thai people?

Just another way to make money from people's misfortune.

"Hollywood" has no soul.

Until the next tragedy, ciao.

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 it was "terrifying" to film most of the time under water, even under expert supervision.

It didn't help that Farrell, by his own admission, "can't really swim."

Had something happened, they would make a documentary about the making of a documentary.

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The spectacular rescue is already the subject of the 2021 National Geographic documentary "The Rescue," which featured some never-before-seen footage obtained from the Thai military after two years of tough negotiations.

"The Rescue" is a really well made documentary on how the rescue was carried out. Highly recommended.

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Not surprising Ron would take this story, any story where can over utilize a crescendo is a Ron story. No thanks Ron, some of us are tired of over emotional music movies.

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