With J.K. Rowling's help, Jude Law builds a new Dumbledore

By Jonathan Landrum Jr

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Physically at least, he suits the character. I am sure Law will do well - he always has done.

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Law says the film opens the door to many dramatic paths and explores a more troubled time in Dumbledore's life along with his once-close relationship with Grindelwald.

Rowling announced in 2007 that Dumbledore is gay after the release of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows," the final book in the series. Some on social media criticized the author's decision to unveil and tinker with the beloved character's sexuality, but she has defended her actions.

Law assures the story is more focused on his character's complicated relationship with Grindelwald from decades ago, rather than Dumbledore's sexuality.

"His sexuality doesn't define him, but the relationship with Grindelwald does," Law said. "I believe, and (Rowling) would agree, that Albus had many intimate relationships. And the one he has is the love of his life, which is damaged. It becomes even poisonous and sends the two of them in opposite directions. He's now in his middle age, around my age 45, and he's still recovering from a relationship that he's trying to work out from when he was 20. That's a long time. I could barely remember what life was like when I was 20."

This is just a fictional character in a children's book and/or spin off movie......

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They're milking this series for all they can. Unlike sci-fy thrillers, this is nothing but fantasy, hocus pocus pow.

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