With new name and album, The Chicks' voices ring loud again


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Only in these times is "The Chicks" considered an improvement over "Dixie Chicks".

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Oh, boy...here we go....

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Now that they have changed their name there will never another George Floyd thank goodness. Time to go back to sleep I guess.

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Only in these times is "The Chicks" considered an improvement over "Dixie Chicks".

They're not Dixie anymore - why would they keep the name

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The purpose of good songwriting is 'What do you see? What do you notice? What do you FEEL?' 'Can anybody else feel the same way?'. 'What do you have to say'?

As artists grow older (and their original fan base too) there should be a change. You have to expect some maturity in an artist or else they stagnate.

Some artists and bands already have some maturity when they start. Some have songs that stand up over time. Some get even better over time - like Genesis or RUSH.

Some stick around forever, like the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac and Madonna and they put out hardly anything new (or inspired) at all. They go on tours with $250 tix, sucking up money for the same old, same old. Some of those acts really didn't have much to say in the first place.

You have the remade/remodeled Chicks who have something to say here, and there's the vapid Spice Girls on a reunion tour of more lip-syncing of stupid songs. Which is more preferable? It's a no brainer to me.

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