Woman storms Cannes red carpet to protest Ukraine rapes


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Give her a microphone and a podium.

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They are not responsible for this,a proper venue , would be at the Russian embassy or consulate,this war is a meat grinder Russian is the process of encircling Ukrainian in Donbas

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I'm sure that will stop them.

Attention-seeking much?

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Attention-seeking much?

Yes, that is the aim of the protest. To bring to the worlds attention that Ukrainian women and girls are being raped by Russian soldiers who have invaded their country. And given that this picture is being shown in Japan and around the world, I'd give her 10/10 for bringing the issue to the worlds attention. Well done that woman!

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Looking at her at first, I thought she was from PETA.

-6 ( +12 / -18 )

any rubbish is good if can be used as part of rusophobia campaign.another part can help to spread hate and xenophobia towards to russian people.

as some media are part of that "movement" so are forced to publish these "news"...

but yes its fully understable since Pussy Riot are out of business,Navalnyy sitting in jail and vampire from Nefteyugansk is enjoying his "honestly made money" somewhere in UK,Skripal and Yulia are "forgotten" as well...so even these "activists" are useful and may be even cheaper.

so yes just keep up your "good work" and keep us "informed"...

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More power to her! Europeans are too distracted by thier useless culture. May God bless us all.

-10 ( +5 / -15 )

Shouldn't she have written that in Russian?

-15 ( +4 / -19 )

Bravo to her for bringing the immediate problem some international attention. She was very brave, I could never.

1 ( +10 / -9 )

Sexual assaults and rapes are probably happening in Ukraine, especially at places where fighting happens.

Some military people, on all sides, and especially mercenaries, are absolute animals that couldn't care less about women's rights while in an active war zone. It's unlikely that they'll be prosecuted for such acts, even if there is some evidence for it.

Remember, Zelensky even released convicted criminals for the purpose of fighting. So, right now, Ukraine has no intention of reducing it's fighting force, even if it commits or has committed crimes.

I think, the Russian side has much more interest in preventing this from happening, so probably the majority of these crimes are done by Ukrainian, or foreign, far-right fighters and just plain criminals.

-3 ( +9 / -12 )

Has her teeth fallen out ?

-4 ( +5 / -9 )

Ukraine propagandists getting ever more desperate...

-2 ( +9 / -11 )

I watched the image again. It says “stop raping US”. Does that mean Ukraine is milking the United States of America during the US economic breakdown and predicted recession, or even Great Depression?

-5 ( +3 / -8 )

I see the russo apologists leap in to action to try and distract from the dreadful truth she has so courageously brought to world media attention.

russia’s rabble of looting rapists and torturers it has loosed on Ukraine have and still are committing war crimes in the areas they temporarily occupy and as they are chucked out their crimes are brought in to the light of day. They will be prosecuted, as an indicator of what is to come all the way up the chain of command to Poo tin himself, one self confessed murderer has been found guilty.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

Good for her, sometime you have to go to extreme measure to make your pint or get your message across, rape is a horrible act of violence and many go unreported or even punished.

4 ( +5 / -1 )

Couldn't have done that with her clothes on?

-4 ( +0 / -4 )

YEAH! It MUST be the Russians! Albeit so many stories told to us by the azovskyys have turned out to be 'somewhat' exaggerated as in LIES, what to believe, since we NEVER hear directly from the Russian side but only 'as reported' by Western media? So, lessee, how many RAPES by 'peacetime' AMERICAN military in the civilized context of Japan have we either seen reported or all of those we suspect have been 'handled internally' by the U.S. military? What might we expect of these same people in the chaos of a war zone and lack of oversight? And, of course, the 'rape and pillage' that is the most cliché-ed (and apt) description of war, and note that rape comes first, must be assumed to be a common aspect of that horror for which America has such obvious fondness and devotion of resources to its pursuit. Can we take seriously or be foolish enough to believe ANY SIDE being the exclusive perpetrator of such terroristic horror upon women (and men?)? In American drama, it is a well used and well accepted meme describing 'prison life'. Rape is common to ALL Human societies and does not respect gender and is not a 'sexual' crime, per se, but a crime common to psychopathy as "ME TOO!" has revealed, a crime of POWER, of dominance over the helpless. In fact, it is one of the most characteristically Human behaviors that distinguishes us from almost all other animals on this planet. What to do?

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

any rubbish is good if can be used as part of rusophobia campaign.another part can help to spread hate and xenophobia towards to russian people.

oh boo hoo !

nobody even gave Russia a second thought until Putin decided to invade Ukraine, & started murdering & raping its citizens.

Any bad publicity against Russia is the fault of Putin.

any rubbish is good

the only rubbish is people who support his invasion.

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