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Women filmmakers denounce Spanish cinema prize for Depp


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Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Johnny Depp exonerated and the entire case found to be fraudulent, and furthermore he himself proven to be the victim of longterm physical and emotional abuse?

But whatever serves your narrative right, Christina?

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But whatever serves your narrative right, Christina?

A clear example of toxic femininity that is so prevalent in society.

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The woman complaining seems to be rather ill informed, its patently clear that heard was the abuser, go Johnny!

7 ( +9 / -2 )

Rather ill-informed than toxic femininity. Depp's not the first to lose a legit libel case in Britain but at least it ended up a bit better than for Oscar Wilde.

I'm all for abused women to bring their cases to court but in this special case I think the ruling was wrong. And I think we all know that if there's any toxicity, then it's in British tabloids.

Usually, if a husband gets accused of DV, his ex-partners will strengthen the prosecution by adding their experiences. In this case, Depp's ex-partners came to help him to testify that he was never violent towards them, that he's great with kids and so on. OK, he's got an alcohol problem but he's always been gentle.

Depp was warned to hook up with Heard let alone marry her but I guess male menopause and hormones can't be subdued by ratio. He paid for it - now let him come to his senses and make some more great movies, ok?

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