Woody Allen debuts at Milan's world-famous La Scala

By Miguel Medina

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Who cares? Personally I can't stand the guy! Hollywood's most annoying actor.

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I still can't understand what people see in his films. To this day, there has been almost no real changes between his films. They follow the same flow and use the same elements.

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When asked why he thought he was better received in Europe than in the U.S.

Because Europeans are generally more sophisticated and liberal minded.

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Love Woody's films. I think they're better received in Europe because they're more subtle and less over-the-top than a lot of films that do well with American audiences. They rely on being able to appreciate ironic plot twists and clever dialogue and vulnerable characters.

Too many movies these days have all the subtlety of an angry elephant. They're emotionally manipulative with music and camera angles and character development, and they end with a 45-minute battle between two dozen superheroes simultaneously shooting some kind of purple laser beam at each other. Yawn.

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Allen knows how to tell a story cleverly, succinctly and wonderfully filmed. That is a rare commodity in film these days.

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Every time I hear this man's name I'm outraged. He groomed a child that looked up to him as a father image, ditched his girlfriend (her adoptive mother Mia Farrow), to marry the girl and goes on to have children with her. A pedofile if ever there was one, yet the world focusses on the abuse of adult women in Hollywood, what about the children?

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He is a pedophile. But a talented director (in my opinion). So which trumps which?

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@bearandrodent a director who sends large sums of money to Israel, so which trumps which?

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