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World Cup sets up Superfly to be a chart-topper


Rock band Superfly has jumped up the charts thanks to their NHK 2010 World Cup theme song, "Tamashii Revolution." The day after the June 14 Japan-Cameroon match, the single hit number two on the Reko Choku daily chart of mobile ringtone downloads.

Although the single is currently only available as a ringtone, due to overwhelming requests from fans, the record company released a full version of the song for download on Friday. "Tamashii Revolution" looks like it's set to be a big hit, said record company officials.

The song was created as the theme to NHK's World Cup broadcasts, and debuted on May 30 during the international friendly match between Japan and England.

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my bad lunchbox, I misread your comment. Yeah, that kind of annoys me too, especially the way "Mr. Children" does it. I thought you were talking about her pronunciation of English words.

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bicultural What do you mean by her pronunciation not being so bad? She purposely pronunces Japanese words like a stereotype Gaijin, putting American English intonation on Japanese words. She sounds like a radio DJ. It makes me cringe, surprised you haven't noticed. She may have a better voice than Yaeda though.

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lunchbox, her pronunciation is actually not that bad. She's got a rockin voice too. A way better singer than Yaeda Hitomi - her voice grates on my nerves.

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Good voice.

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Superfly is not a good name for a rock band.

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She's a hottie, and her songs are catchy, hardly rock though, crap-pop really. She reminds me of Yaeda Hitomi when she first came out. What's with these J-singers purposely pronouncing Japanese words like an american. I hate to think what elder Japanese think of it.

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Someone's wallet just got a little fatter.

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