Writers strike felt in missing NBC stars, absence of Fox schedule for TV sales pitches


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If teachers or nurses or farmers or plumbers or factory workers or any of a number of other professions go on strike, it would have a great negative impact on society.

But Hollywood writers? Doesn't have an impact on society at all.

What I'm saying is ... who cares?

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The US TV/Film industry pays out $21 billion per year to more than 260,000 businesses in cities and small towns across the country

So, about 2.4 million people are dependent on their jobs related to this strike. They have kids, mortgages, tuition, and other expenses to pay, just like everyone else.

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No writers = more Reality TV

Yeah, I'm sure people would like that, Lol

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Let them strike and get some hungry writers. Most US TV sucks. Too bad the Woksters in Hollywood won’t let anyone write anything with out planting their agenda on everything.

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