WWE wrestles for greater share of Japanese market


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WWE has a strong following in Japan.

But real Japanese wrestling fans still appreciate puroresu style.

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I sincerely hope they fail. Japan doesn't need more theatrics than Hustle. I don't know when they stopped appreciating the old Japanese UWF - Akira Maeda would always be better than Hulk Hogan and could prove it in the ring, too.

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Ha ha! If there was a positive drug test in this form of wrestling they would have to change the name to WEE!

(2 minutes before the moderator deletes this one)

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new zen

hey did you really think this stuff was real, I thought everyone knew that except toddlers ha ha ha

but come on clearly these wwe types cud kick more butt for real if they needed to compared to yr average man/woman on the street, thats the point I was making gee wiz man!

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And much more open, some released by the WWE too.

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“The stories are so much more detailed compared to Japanese wrestling—it’s like watching a movie,”

Ever watched Hustle promotion?

“Even if you’ve never watched it before, you can jump in and start watching because it’s good versus evil,”

Only good & Evil changes every week

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Nah,I would take them on. Yes, they are athletic but not real fighters, same as the guys.

Check YouTube on how the fights and moves are done, than try to go back and enjoy it again. Once you seen those videos you will know much is acted and scripted.

They got my respect they are doing a tough job and face many possible injuries but in the end it is all acting(including the fights).

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and they can literally kick A$$

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Those chicks are hot!!

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This is a mistake!!!!!!!!!! Domestic groups will copy the formula and launch a smear campaign against WWE. It would be much more profitable to give local talent a script.

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