'X-Files' makes its TV comeback, after 13-year absence


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Anderson started out much more rusty than Duchovy, but now she can act circles around him. Check her out in the Northern Irish series The Fall and in the film Tristan Shandy. They've both done plenty since the X-Files.

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William B. Davis recently stated that he was killed 3 times in the old series, but that never stopped him from coming back. He is in the new series for sure as they filmed it in Vancouver where he lives, and he is in the trailer...

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They'll find a way to make it as awesome as ever. Welcome back.

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@Bernd Yes Skinner, Cancer Man/Smoking Man, The Lone Gunmen are confirmed to back and my guess maybe we could see important roles of the series in the past like Cassandra, Jeffrey Spencer, Mulder's sister, Alien Bounty Hunter, John Doggett, the kid who read minds (I don't know what was the name)

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Will Skinner be back?

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I think they should leave well enough alone. That series was brilliant when it started, but by the end the writers had already exhausted all angles... so I doubt they come up with something good if they want to milk the same (cash) cow again.

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The original show was a good mixture of humor, suspense, action, and mystery. I hope they can match or exceed that, but it will be difficult. I REALLY hope it isn't just a goofy mix of nonsense.

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The masking tape 'X' on my window finally worked!!

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I have some doubt the new series will have as much impact as it had in the days. But let's keep an open mind.

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I would have thought both Special agents would have desk jobs by now.

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Heh, I remember when this was an obscure show on a new TV network called Fox. My best friend was the one who watched the very first broadcast episode, then told me I just had to watch the 2nd episode that next week. Then we had been watching the broadcast episodes since. And the rest was history.

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Personally, I preferred Dark Skies.

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Their careers never took off after X-files ended, so they are back to try to make some more money.

And Gillian Anderson was excellent as the star of The Fall, a very good British police procedural drama series. Realistic and suspenseful. Highly recommended.

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Their careers never took off after X-files ended, so they are back to try to make some more money.

I'm not sure why you think that. David Duchovney had a 7-year run on Californication, on which he won a Golden Globe award. He was also recently in Aquarius, which just had its first season, and has been renewed by another. He's had quite a good career since X-Files.

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Their careers never took off after X-files ended, so they are back to try to make some more money.

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Nice, I wanna know the truth like; how the cancer man apparently we saw him "kinda" die how the heck he is still alive? They will revive The Lone Gunmen but in the last episode we saw Mulder can see "dead people" or how you can described was that so?

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I thought the CSM got killed in the previous series.

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Great News I Love it. I hope it contenues, I hope it gets air sooner. We need Star Trek to come back also.

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It is going to be good because William B. Davis will be reprising his role as the CSM...

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Wow, so long ago I've missed this show. I watched Fringe after X-files left us... going to be interesting, I hope.

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By the end of the series, it was already getting derivative--of itself. It's hard to see how that won't be the case with the reboot, but...I want to believe.

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X-Files is my personal favourite. The Simpsons and Rick and Morty are also very good, but are animations and a different genre.

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I'm with you guys. I hope they recapture that magic. I was watching this show from episode one until... well, just before it plummeted off the deep end. But when it was good, there wasn't much better!

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At last, some positive news, the value of which most will agree upon . It will be interesting if the two stars can recapture the chemistry of the previous series. We all sure hope so. Can't wait!!

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This was always an excellently-made series. Who can forget the episode with the slithery man? Although "Cerulean Blue" is my personal unforgettable one. Looking forward to this.

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