X Japan announces world tour schedule


Rock band X Japan will start its world tour in Paris on Nov 22, their agent said this week. The group had been delaying the tour since leader YOSHIKI suffered pain in his neck and hands and can’t easily move.

The agent said YOSHIKI's doctor has given him the green light to tour from November. The world tour will kick off at the Palais Omnispots de Paris Bercy, and the band will tour other European countries, the United States and Asia with schedules to be announced, the agent said.

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They bring their own musically-challanged Japanese fans with them to every city and call it a "world tour". pathetic.

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Good for French fans that they finally get a chance to see their performance. Hope Yoshiki gets better. The other day I saw the pictures of an event by French X fans and it was pretty impressive! http://www.xjapan.ne.jp/info/f_pic.html

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Hope Yoshiki gets better.

Shouldn't that be "Hope YOSHIKI gets better."? Using lower case is so lèse majesté, to stick with the French theme.

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phew! lucky that nasty pain has gone. now yoshi and the boys can continue their glorious march towards world supremecy

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World tour? How come I never heard of them before coming to Japan...

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if you are an progressive metal fan, you will know them. most progressive metal fan knew them well. they are listed far from one of the best progressive, but their works are undoubtedly good.

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I like X-Japan, but didn't they say it was over when HIDE died? It's just not the same without HIDE...

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japan's got more famous people that nobody's ever heard of than any other country in the world

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wilbur Hide (you're not pronouncing it right) may have committed suicide (he did die) shortly after X-Japan broke up in 1997. He was their lead guitarist.

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Way to go X-Japan band/Japan music.

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