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X Japan to play concert, premiere film in London


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Its that time of year again. The annual X Japan concert attended by local Japanese in either London or New York to show their international popularity.

20 years of crapola. Where did the time go?

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I love Endless rain!<3

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X JapanHas always been innovative & will rock long after Mr. Crapola & his ilk are D U S T !

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X Japan disbanded in 1997 after a series of end-of-year stadium concerts at Tokyo Dome and lead guitarist Hide died the following year.

Didn't Hide commit suicide?

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X JapanHas always been innovative & will rock long after Mr. Crapola & his ilk are D U S T !

Quick, hum a tune!

Can't think of one to save your life? Nah, me neither..

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Clemanza. Crucify my love, endless rain, forever now. I can remember them and I am not Japanese. However, as a musician I appreciate the skillfully written and performed music of X-Japan. Wonderful band and second only to Yoko Konnoh and the Seatbelts in Japanese bands. But your music tastes are probably limited to (c)rap and trance.

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Mike Will - I listen to music everyday and have since I was in my early teens. X Japan are simply never heard outside of Japan (Japan, where fans don't know any better)

You're a musician? Mike Will, Mike Will....

Nope, never heard of you either, which means you don't create popular music. Even if you did, it has zero merit when it comes to your tastes.

You enjoy Visual K, which has nothing to do with music and is all about fashion.

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