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X Japan's new single 'Jade' to debut on June 28


"Jade," the long-awaited new single from X Japan, one of the most influential rock bands in Japan, will be released in North America, Europe and Latin America on June 28 in all digital formats. "Jade" is the first track from the band's English debut album, currently in the final stages of recording.

A "Jade" full-length ringtone will be made available exclusively in Japan on June 28, and the single will be released there and in Southeast Asia two weeks later on July 13.

"This is a years-long dream of X Japan's, to release a record in the Americas and in Europe," said Yoshiki, X Japan's leader. "Music is very powerful, and we believe it can help us bridge the gap between East and West. We hope that 'Jade' will be the first step."

Written and produced by Yoshiki and mixed by Andy Wallace, "Jade" was recorded in both Japan and at Yoshiki's Los Angeles studio, the same studio where Metallica recorded its classic "Black" album before Yoshiki bought it and turned it into a private facility.

The release of "Jade" coincides with the X Japan's June 28 sold-out show at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire and the kick-off of their world tour that includes stops in Europe and South America.

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more warmed over dog crap from a group of wusses whose only talent is aquiring legions of Japanophiles as fans.

“Music is very powerful, and we believe it can help us bridge the gap between East and West.

If such a bridge exists, I'm going to bomb the hell out of it tomorrow.

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With respect to the band. They should keep their lyrics in Japanese. Otherwise its just cut & paste, and a lot of cliche.

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Bet you money that at least one song employs a massacre of the Auto-Tune plug-in.

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I been Rockin'40 years & Heard Many Bands World -Wide X has always performed @110%-They will always be known for their work ,Live especially !! Hope they play N.Y.!!!

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