X-rated Japanese erotica takes center stage at UK museums

By Paul Casciato

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What no pictures? :P

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Probably safe to assume that the ambassador from Japan skipped the grand opening.

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My family went to see the British Museum one a couple of weeks ago. The wife, Japanese, scooted round but the daughter took longer, reading the explanations. Some of them were gross, she said. She preferred the subtler and less explicit ones.

I have a Shunga scroll but to tell the truth there are few occasions when you can show these to people, either in the UK or in Japan. In Japan the perception is, 'something that (male) foreigners like'. Will these exhibitions change that?

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Ah the good old days, before there were pixels to keep you from seeing everything. [Grin] Just glad my religion has nothing against enjoying healthy sex.

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I bet the one (sex museum I mean) down in Hiroshima is way better.

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It's history, it's culture.... not all of the prints are explicit. Some are more subtle. On the other hand, some are ridiculous. (Let's just say that tentacle porn is not a recent invention.)

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Are these permanent collections of the museums in question? I do hope they are brought back to Japan and an exhibition is done here. It is art history after all.

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Did they put blurry coverings on the giant penis?

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