Yamada, Kusano show their 'Sleeping Beauty' routine


Celebrity Mariya Yamada, 28, and her actor-husband, 40, showed they are very much in love with a passionate kiss at a promotional event for Walt Disney's new DVD title “Sleeping Beauty.”

Yamada, who wore a wedding dress for the occasion, said, “The film is very beautiful. I can't believe it is 50 years old. I wish couples would watch it together.”

The organizers said the couple was invited to the event because they are “the best couple for a romantic kiss.”

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Very sweet and loving couple.

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Good to see the "best couple for a romantic kiss-ists" getting in on the act.

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Wow, they really are top-shelf kissers.

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...a passionate kiss

Umm I doubt that very much. A passionate hold perhaps, but that all counts for squat when the lips are merely pushed together.

Lame. No idea about human touch.

My 5 years in Japan ruined me.

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I agree with rjd jr.

Lieutenant: "Lame. My 5 years in Japan have ruined me."


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Plus, 2 people in public in Japan giving a passionate kiss would be a very rare sight indeed.

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For one, I am thankful not to have to trip over passionate kissers here there and everywhere

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