Yonekura prepares to celebrate her 'second' Coming-of-Age Day


Actress Ryoko Yonekura, 38, appeared at an event in Tokyo on Sunday to celebrate the first anniversary of the fashion and lifestyle magazine “DRESS,” which targets women around their 40s (dubbed “arafo” in Japanese).

Yonekura, who appears on the cover each month, said she wants to encourage women who turn 40 and think of it as their second "Coming-of-Age Day," Nikkan Sports reported Monday.

The still-single actress, who herself is going to turn 40 in August next year, said, “Women may see a downside to turning 40, and they may feel restricted about what they can or cannot do. I would like to be active no matter how old I am and I hope I can show that on the cover of 'DRESS' each month."

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Translation: "Dress" paid me a truck load of money to say whatever. Laughing all the way to the bank.

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She looks good and is one of the less obviously bubbleheaded talents around.

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she's hot and smart

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I live her acting, she is gorgeous.

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Agree she's hot.

As for the 'second coming of age day' I'll shelve it next to the 'half coming of age day' that has become popular in elementary schools, and next to all the other commercial opportunities. When is the mascot coming?

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It is good to see Ryoko Yonekura promoting beauty at any age. There are a lot of attractive women in Japan in their 40s, 50s and 60s....etc .for me the issue is the "total package" -- not just the covering.

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