Yoshiki donates 'A Chance to Sing an X Japan Song' for charity


Make-A-Wish of Japan, an official affiliate of Make-A-Wish International, marked the 20th anniversary of its foundation with a dinner party hosted at the Tokyo American Club on Friday night.

During the dinner, a charity auction was announced to raise funds for the organization. Yoshiki, international musician/producer and leader of the rock band X Japan, donated "A Chance to Sing an X Japan Song Accompanied by Yoshiki on Piano" alongside other items donated by celebrities and other supporting corporations.

Yoshiki is continuing the tradition of the late X Japan member Hide who was an active supporter of Make-A-Wish of Japan. Hide's encouraging support for one girl in particular, who was a big X Japan fan as she faced a life-threatening medical condition, continues to inspire people and remains a legacy.

Yoshiki put his own favorite "crystal" piano up for auction in 2011, as well as collecting donations from various Hollywood celebrity friends, to provide aid for victims of the Tohoku disaster, through the Yoshiki Foundation America. In addition, Yoshiki's charitable work includes donating pianos to schools in the affected area by the Kobe Earthquake, as well as donating musical instruments and helping build music rooms for children affected by the Sichuan earthquake in China, and many more.

"It's been over 15 years since I first moved to the U.S., and charity work is very much a part of people's everyday life," Yoshiki said. "This has also grown to be a part of mine as well. The mission to: 'Make a wish come true' very much resonates with my passion."

The online auction will close on Nov 2. To place your bid, visit http://www.j-grab.com/auction/jp/page/c372518589/en/

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Yoshiki puts his $$ where his mouth is!-Which ,to me it seems these American artists are NOT! well too few of them give back to the very people who made them rich to begin with & are so self important it makes me sick!

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Good on you, Yoshiki.

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Make-A-Wish has done so much for my family, and it makes me so glad to see one of my favorite musicians supporting them.

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