Yoshimoto president ordered comedians not to meet press over scandal


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The "talent" agencies need to be shut down, they are clearly a plague & the control they exert should never have been allowed to get to the levels its reached at present

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The tear filled apology for being caught was probably the funniest thing these guys have ever done!

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What good is an apology unless you are going to give the money received to charity (since returning it would be even more offensive)?

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If they are going to be fired anyway, another agency will pick them up.

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If I was these comedians, I would start my own streaming channel. If they are really funny then they create their own content and distribute online with youtube. If they are not really talented then they are screwed.

Hit these agencies in their pockets. Start a revolution!

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So the point to get fired was not the performance for a criminal enterprise, but for disobeying the talent agency management? Something telling there, I think.

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How little things in the employment world seem to have changed in the past 300 years... still pretty much a master/slave relationship, it appears.

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Saw them on TV last night. Didn’t know they were going against company orders. I wish them the best.

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What was their crime? They took on a job without informing their agency? They accepted money without giving the agency their cut. The company was being investigated at the time but no arrest had been made. What is all this kerfuffle about? These agencies have way too much power

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Ha ha, the president who sacked them now wants to sack them again for talking without his OK. What a bizarre outcome.

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This is bigger news than the election. ( in terms of care factory anyway!) Got to see the emotional apology and it was quite a spectacle , especially considering how larger than life these guys look on the job. Smart, sharp and hilarious on tap.

Even these superstars of comedy have to deal with a tyrannic black boss. It must have taken some serious soul searching and courage to do what they did to break ranks and orders. Quite a historical moment actually!

Has everyone talking about the use and abuse of power too. Has to be a good thing.

Agree with Silvafarn too, take it online. These guys would be the new Joe Rogan of Japan, like overnight if they wanted to. Television is dying a slow, desperate death globally anyway.

Inspire others that there are always options. There’s a whole new landscape forming.

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I heard that the mega-popular comedy duo Down Town is upset with the management company over the handling of this case and are threatening to leave the company.

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Matsumoto was very diplomatic in the live damage control special yesterday. There was a suggestion that the company be divided into sections though, where he could look after and vouch for those that have issues with the current power base. Damage control basically. In true genius form he managed to pull some laughs out of the very tense situation. Wifey rushed home to watch the recorded show. It’s a big deal cause these guys are mega mega famous. They are like the top guardians of the culture almost.

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