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Star Me Up: Rolling Stones open new store

By James PHEBY

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I don't think i can make it to Carnaby Street anytime soon . The area around is known as Little Tokyo if anybodys interested

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It was one of the lead stories on France 24 for hour and hours. Great advertising.

used to hang out in Carnaby Street back in the day. Would probably have a stroke if I saw what it is like now.

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"curated"..... (^_-)

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.....and not a mention of lucre..... fancy that!

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The best comment I've read in ages. LMFAO.

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Wot? Didn't name it "Some Girls"? Must be RACISSS!

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With all this 'Doom and Gloom' going around, and economies going 'Hang Fire' from the CoVid-19 and the 'Heartbreaker' governments trying to keep it all outta sight - 'Undercover', and the fact that the whole world socially is between a 'Rock and a Hard Place', maybe a cool shop like this can come to our 'Emotional Rescue' and give us some 'Satisfaction'. There, I said it.

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