YouTube removes R Kelly official channels after conviction


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"We have terminated two channels linked to R Kelly in accordance with our creator responsibility guidelines," a YouTube spokesperson told AFP in a statement.

Which guidelines is that? Does that channel contain video from R Kelly horrific crime? Does that guideline mention that convicted person can not have Youtube channel anymore?

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This is bogus. Let people decide for themselves whether or not to listen to R.Kelly. Like it or not, the guy has put out some good songs. I tussle with the fact he’s a pervert but some of those songs rock nonetheless. But that should be my decision. I wish big tech would stop acting like helicopter parents and treating the public like children.

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Welcome to the new social credit system

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Does that guideline mention that convicted person can not have Youtube channel anymore?

Convicted, no. Convicted sex offender, yes.

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The "I Believe I Can Fly" singer, who for years reigned over the world of R&B, still has music available on YouTube music, where 137,000 people subscribe to the disgraced star, and third-party uploads of his songs are still allowed.

An important and apparently overlooked detail, always read the article first.

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I think people are missing the distinction. If R Kelly himself/his people run his YouTube channel, then he/ they receive payments from advertisement revenue and view counts. So, in that way YouTube would be financially supporting him. In order to not financially support a convicted criminal, they are removing his official channels.

However, fans are still free to use his music, post his videos, upload his albums or concerts, etc so it will be available if you want to listen to his work still, despite his crimes.

It's not about big tech becoming a nanny, it's about them making the choice to not financially support him anymore. Which is completely in their right to do. I'm sure there are many companies that advertise on YouTube that don't want their brands associated with him anymore too.

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I think people are missing the distinction. 

I think those people usually do. They seem conflicted.

YouTube are not the government so knock off the tiring and misguided 1984 nonsense.

Official channels take in a lot of cash. Mr Kelly lost that privilege.

Nobody is censoring anything, you can listen to and watch all the R Kelly you want. Just won’t be monetizing his defense fund.

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He still owes his victims their compensation

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