YouTube star Piko Taro encourages people to pursue their dreams


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and milk them for all they're worth

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He doesn't seem to know the difference between dreams, pipe dreams and total fantasy.

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99 percent of my success was the result of luck,

Almost nailed it. Because he said 99%. Not to say it isn't a commentary on his audience.

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Well, if you don't admire or respect the man for anything else, I think you have to at least respect his humility. He knows he's lucky, and has always known it. Personally, I also admire his outlook on dreams, although I think getting a Grammy is indeed a pipe dream. The Olympics? I can see the JOC thinking he would be a good 'ambassador' even though really it would just end up being one of those thing they look back and view like Japan's 2002 'uniforms' they entered the Sydney Stadium in.

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Perhaps his next song should be a cover of "Happy Talk"

You gotta have a dream, if you don't have a dream

how you gonna have a dream come true?

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"99 percent of my success was the result of luck,"

Humility from a successful person, one of my favourite things to see. Too many of them can't wait to knock out a "How to succeed doing it my way" book detailing some invented self-aggrandizing strategy behind it all.

His act itself soon became tiresome, but reflects Japanese media's eagerness to keep pushing the same formula again and again and again. I think you'd be hard pressed to find another country where the biggest commercial tv channels have programming that is as identical.

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On the subject of humility in the face of success, he reminds me of Alexander Graham Bell, after he first successfully demonstrated his new-fangled telephone:

" I do not wish to exaggerate the importance of my invention, but I can perhaps foresee the day when there is a telephone in every city in America."

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To paraphrase tmarie, on the thread about the pitiful sight of the walrus in a Halloween costume...

Poor Piko. Suffers for the sake of "amusing" selfish, clueless humans.

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