YouTube suspends ads from video star Logan Paul's channels


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YouTube has temporarily suspended all ads from video star Logan Paul's channels after what it calls a pattern of behavior unsuitable for advertisers.

Not that I agree with youtubes policy on advertising they have been trying to defund any youtube content producer that was pro Trump since he won the election. Logan Paul has continually produced questionable content its taken a long time for Management at youtube to take action.

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YouTube! Just block this sick little boy. There is something very wrong with him.

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This policy update has been slow to come out in light of recent events. What gets me is the word "temporarily". Repeated sociopathic behavior deserves a little better than temporary suspension.

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Now make it permanent!

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I thought he was suspended a long time ago

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That excuse of a human being is probably already a millionaire. Too little too late.

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Youtube is now part of the nanny state...whatever happened to free speech?

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guys a narcissistic sociopath, youtube should not allow him to spew his poison to million of kids.

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