YUI's song for disaster victims tops Oricon chart


Singer YUI's 20th single, "Green a.live," has sold 56,000 CDs in its first week of release, reaching the No. 1 spot on Oricon's chart for Oct 17.

YUI, 24, wrote the song to encourage victims of the March 11 disaster. YUI visited a school in Miyagi Prefecture and held a mini live event there. She said that "I tried to put into the song all the emotions I felt when I went to Miyagi. I hope it will offer some hope to the people in the disaster-hit areas."

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What's she going to do with the profits? If they're not donated, she's just making money off people's suffering.

Good to see she had a mini live for school kids. That's nice.

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I like Yui.

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Each helps earthquake victims as you can. Who the money, who the song, who just wants to have them, the victims, there was no more. http://www.tron.ru/

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What's she going to do with the profits?

Thats something you have to talk to her company about. She is a sweet girl i think, and she probably wanted to do this for free, but she has a contract and in many cases in japan, They Tarento agencies are crazy strict. I mean i see some of the AKB girls in interview with the producer and those girls look scared.

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What's with the period in "a.live"?

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can she sing as good as she look ?

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No she can't. She can write songs well, but she only has one note and that's super-high. Sounds like she's screaming.

What's with all the popularity of female pop singers in Japan? there are so many that seem to always be blocking the charts.

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Don't listen to Lunchbox. S/he couldn't be any more wrong. YUI is BY FAR one of the most TALENTED singers in Japan.

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Lunchbox is indeed wrong - Yui is quite talented. Definitely one of the best pop singers in Japan.

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