Yuko Ogura loses legal fight to block publication of photobook


Bikini model and TV personality Yuko Oguro, aka Yukorin, took legal steps earlier this year in an attempt to prevent her former talent management agency Avilla from releasing a photobook of her images, but to no avail.

The 27-year-old idol believed she was finally free of Avilla earlier this year after months of legal wrangling, Sankei Shimbun reports. The courts ruled in her favor this summer, ending the contract between herself and the agency on July 4, but Ogura was not so lucky in trying to prevent publication of a photo collection featuring her likeness. The courts ruled that sale of the photobook was contractually sound and that Avilla does hold the legal rights to publish the images without Ogura's consent.

An Avilla spokesperson told Sankei the company was prepared to fight the case in the courts had the decision not gone their way, but ultimately the photobook went on sale as planned on Friday.

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These talent agencies are seriously dodgy businesses...

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These talent agencies are seriously dodgy businesses...

They are all yakuza

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now that she lost, she should make the best of it, and organize her own launch and signing. ain't she a perfect sexy beauty!

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You reap what you sew. Hopefully this will put an end to it, if that's what she really wants.

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She's cute! I hope at least they are going to pay her royalties.

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Horrible oolongcha!

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"featuring her likeness" -- What does that mean? Featuring women who look like her?

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She is cute and I hope makes money on this book.

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It took a court battle to distance herself from the "Agency". They own you public and private, As she is no longer an employee I doubt she will get anything-maybe that's why she is not happy.

Deals with the Devil just don't work out.

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If it's not " pornographic " , I see why she wants to fight it. May be her former talent agency wanted to cut her off from the $ loop ?

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Ah..so she's that famous Yukorin...I feel sorry for my colleague named Yuko also being called Yukorin...after this woman's name...

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snooooooooooorre. who cares? another untalented borderline AV trollop who won the lottery by being in the right place at the right time. zzzzzzzzzz

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In Japan the agency can really control the performer because the media won't typically book someone who's not represented. I.e. TV station and studio will not deal directly with the talent for the most part. As such the agency can get the lion share of the monies the artist makes as well as engage them in jobs that aren't in the long term interest of the artist. Whereas in the West an agency has a less controlling role.

If anything the studios in the West don't care for the agents because they act as a shrewd negotiator when an artist hits star status. Folks in Hollywood who get millions per episode do so because they have an agent. That seems to be somewhat rare in Japan.

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She has very cute feet.

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@smithonjapan, it's, "you reap what you sow."

Unless you wanted to say, "You rip what you sew!" (^-^)/

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I think she is very cute. However, she owns several shop. There are variety of the world. One of them is grilled beaf shop, "Yakiniku". Other one, she design several clothes, diamond, and other goods. In addition to that, she practice cooking to serve guest. I like her so I often see her blog. In her blog, her cooking skill is beyond her age. It looks like professional! Not only the main dish, but also, she cooks bread and other material. She sometimes appear to sell stocks. She is very new type of woman, I think. Cute and beautiful with many talented skills. I can't say what to do. Wonderful!

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Hmmm.... this is strange. The Japanese articles that I read regarding Yuko Ogura stated that Avilla had sought an injunction against Ogura's new agency and was trying to stop Kodansha from publishing the new photobook. What's even stranger was that I thought I read two days ago that the courts denied Avilla's request and that the photobook was going on sale, IN FAVOR of Ogura. She was supposedly doing a handshake promotion on the book at Fukuya on it...

Lost in translation???

ゆうこりん写真集、販売禁止申請を却下 サンケイスポーツ 9月16日(金)7時51分配信



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is the studio obligated to pay her fees as a model, because if not it is really a scummy way to do business like that.

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One of them is grilled beaf shop, "Yakiniku"

She doesn't own the shops, she licensed her name (image) to an store operator under a contract.


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She looks really cute in pigtails.

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Huh... so JT is still going on the line that Ogura lost the court fight as opposed to winning against Avilla?

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