Yuko Oshima cancels stage address after being turned off by Miike horror movie


AKB48 leading singer Yuko Oshima, 24, canceled an address to fans after a screening of the film "Lesson of the Evil" in Tokyo on Sunday night. The reason? She hated the movie.

Directed by Takashi Miike, “Lesson of the Evil” (Aku no Kyoten) is about a psychopathic high school English teacher, played by Hideaki Ito, who kills his students one by one.

After watching the film at a special screening, Oshima said: "I detest this movie. I understand that it’s just a film but I couldn't help myself. I cried when I saw people getting killed. It's not for me."

To mark the film having attracted more 600,000 viewers so far, Oshima was supposed to present Ito with a bouquet of flowers and talk to the audience, but she didn't stick around after the film.

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Who gives a rats!

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“Lesson of the Evil”? Sounds like the English teacher must have had a dodgy CV too.

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Sorry to disagree, but i have conducted research, deep study and extensive study on the current social ecology of the modern world and violence is indeed a powerful influence on people with personality troubles and can and does lead to them 'acting out"... If you have researched the subject then you can certainly disagree with me but casual consideration and following the comfort zone of modern permissive thought which underlies the effort by most major media to exploit extremes to sell tickets and make money is not really a very good argument for an informed opinion but that too my opinion and everyone has a right to their own thoughts.

It is clear to me from this study that the huge wave of violence based "entertainment" has corrupted not only those who make money from them but millions of 'consumers" ie audiences, game players, youth of all types and ages and many more beyond. It is quite tragic as we see the results more and more both in Japan and internationally but at least in Japan there is some level of control and decency while in the USA and other european countries there is no quality control whatsoever any more. I am very very proud of this actress for her brave stand and am amazed and glad to see it.

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These idol singers and groups aren't like super stars in the US. Talent agencies tells the performers what to do. A car shows up with the handlers, picks up the idol and they do what their told. There's very little freedom if she wants to keep her 30M jpy job. No agency means no one will hire you for singing, commercials, TV appearances, etc.

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Not likely a publicity stunt, the geino world tends to like smooth organization and not like strong public denouncements of people's work.

I am with Yuko on this one;

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Movies do not lead to people to act out what they see. I could watch the most violent movie today and I can guarantee you that it would not lead me to go out and kill a bunch of people, because my mind operates in such a fashion that I understand that that is wrong and that serious consequences would await me. People who carry out terrible violence have something wrong inside of them that is already there long before they witness anything that could be claimed as inspiration. Whether it's that they're a psychopath who has no empathy for others, or they were raised not understanding right and wrong, it's already there. People will continue to hurt others whether or not these kinds of movies are made or not. Do you think Elizabeth Bathory watched a movie about killing a bunch of people to retain her youth before she went out and did it? Obviously not.

Don't blame the media, find the source of the problem. I hear this argument used far too often, and it really does take the heat off the actual issues: the way people are brought up in our current society and mental health problems. It's so much easier just to say "it was the death metal music, or the Battle Royale, or the Natural Born Killers movie! Outlaw all of it!" than it is to actually look at oneself and see where these killers were taught that their actions were justifiable. I'm no Takashi Miike fan, but I'm pretty sure that most of us can watch his films without turning into murderers.

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I have the greatest admiration for her and her courage. I detest the huge wave of gratuitous violence spreading thru all of the entertainment media, movies, games, TV shows, it trivializes terror and terrible events and leads to people acting out similar things in real life. I am also shocked at people posting here belittling this courageous actress and being abusive towards her for her sensitivity. Shame on you all who are so callous, and shallow yourselves. I am very very glad to see such a fine courageous act covered by this news service. Thank you.

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Who can blame her? I cry real tears when Miike make movies. Chugoku no Chohin was pretty interesting, but the buckets of fake movie blood that he's known for are just crap. 50-years from now, no one is going to say, "Hey, remember when Takashi Miike did a bunch of movies with buckets of fake blood and gore?"

And let's be really, really honest: When people claim that Miike is their favorite Japanese Movie Director, they're really saying that Takashi Miike is the Japanese movie director that they've heard of.

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Very un- Japanese? if only the majority of them would be as sensitive as her then there will not be movies like this....Beat Takeshi's movie is one lousy one as well..I admire her guts then!

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Movie itself doesn't match the presenter. They should have had someone a little rougher at the screening.

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she is weak minded crying over people getting killed in a movie

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Yuko telling it like it is, I still like love her, even if she hated on a Mike movie, I don't blame her. She so strong minded.

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Directed by Takashi Miike, “Lesson of the Evil” (Aku no Kyoten) is about a psychopathic high school English teacher, played by Hideaki Ito, who kills his students one by one.

This is a pen...in your eye.

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A trailer: http://wildgrounds.com/2012/07/18/lesson-of-the-evil-miikes-confessions/

It certainly does start out chirpy!

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Awesome! She had the balls to stand up and call it crap! I'll bet she got suckered into this stunt by her management company.

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Miike must be crying the loss of such a precious fan.

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

No big loss.

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She was obviously tricked into going to this event and watching this crap movie.

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Good on hear and glad she stood up for what she felt was right... and thanks to her, i will not go and see this movie

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maybe its just a crappy movie and she didnt want to be associated with it

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I rejoice. Sounds to me like the poor girl realized what an immoral heap of ...

she was being asked to promote.

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Clearly a PR stunt. This sort of thing does not happen spontaneously.

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Is this movie in the theaters or on T.V. I would love to watch it! ''Audition ,still haunts me.

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If she was genuinely upset by the movie I don't see why she should take part in the post-movie back pating. Good for her!

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Good for you, Yuko! You hated the movie - I would probably too - and you couldn't in good conscience hand out flowers to the maker of gory crap like this, maybe because you didn't think it's what this world needs. Publicity event gone wrong, i think. "I detest this movie" is pretty straightforward. "oh, i was on the edge of my seat, i almost couldn't watch some of the scenes, it was "intense".." That would've been more of a teaser..

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Ever since playing the role of an elite Coast Guard diver, (a role he clearly took quite seriously) Ito Hideaki has kind of transformed from a pretty boy into an uber jock. Haven't seen it, but would guess he is seriously scary in this flick.

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Yep! @matthew and @alliswellinjapan - This is a win-win for Oshima and Miike. Oshima fans will sympathize with Oshima believing she is "pure" and can't handle such movies and Miike fans and possible Miike fans will wonder what was so bad about the killing that more people will go see it.

I bought "Audition" when it first came out on DVD... Man... That was intense!

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Clearly a PR ploy.

4 ( +7 / -3 )

Hyper Histrionic Teeny Bopper from HELL..........might be a good title for her next horror flick.

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Big baby , from a namby-pamby, mollycoddled, cutesy-wutesy, dumbed-down, thumbed-down, 'scuse me I'm going to have to change my undies now - generation.

What the hell was she doing at a horror movie anyway?

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I cried when I saw people getting killed

Publicity stunt?

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She and her agent should talk more. Who doesn't know what kinds of films Miike makes?

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