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Yuko Oshima's first post-AKB48 job will be special reporter for World Cup


Yuko Oshima, who will "graduate" from the mega-popular all-girl group AKB48 on June 9, has lined up her first job. She will be going to Brazil as a special reporter for a World Cup program by Fuji TV.

Oshima, 25, will report from Sao Paulo on the opening ceremony for soccer's greatest showcase.

“It is like a dream that I can visit Brazil as a reporter for my favorite sport," Sankei Shimbun quoted Oshima as saying. “I want everyone to feel close to Brazil and be excited to watch the World Cup."

After her farewell concert at AKB theater, Oshima will spend 30 hours heading to Sao Paulo. She will report live on the opening ceremony and the first match, Brazil vs Croatia, from 3 a.m. Japan time on June 13.

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if the girls were all openly promiscuous, they wouldn't be able to make sales

That must be why Miley Cyrus is not very popular in Japan.

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This thread has gotten a little disturbing.

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I think it's fantastic that those girls get to do what they love! Go AKB, and go Yuko! You will be able to help soccer gain a broader appeal and that is a great thing!

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Thanks for that djv124! I agree strongly :)

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@Jimizo Well you obviously took my comment way out of proportion. I was simply making a comparison. AKB, to some, is a religion I swear, but I wouldn't go that far. I simply am saying that some professions require people to do things out of the ordinary, and AKB is no exception to that. I could give a million different examples of strange practices people have to do in order to be part of a company, but why everyone focuses on these things when it comes to AKB is just people desperately clinging to whatever feeble criticisms they can about a group that is full of talented individuals with promising careers either they are experiencing or have ahead of them. Ah, but then again, I realize it's pointless to try and argue with you or anyone on here when you aren't up for intelligent debate. Instead, you would rather be a smart a*s and make stupid comments like the one you just said. LONG LIVE AKB!!!!

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@djv124 I see. I didn't know that AKB is more of a religious order than a girl band. I'll pay my due respect from now on.

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Just stop saying it. Please.

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@Jimizo... I completely understand what you are trying to say but it's also pretty typical of people that don't understand what AKB is that you would bring up Miichan's shaving head incident. That's a rare exception of one person losing the ability to keep her cool when she did something that contractually speaking, she wasn't supposed to do. Miichan, like all the other girls in the AKB families, take the vow of no love in order to promote the idea of innocence in the idol community. She is an employee, much like a priest is to the Catholic church. Priests, by the way, ALSO take a vow of celibacy, although for religious reasons, but they have to follow that in order to remain employed by the church, at least the Catholic church. So if you think about it, Akimoto has every right to ask for a love ban in his contract... if the girls were all openly promiscuous, they wouldn't be able to make sales. I get that, but why anyone else doesn't speaks to the fact that most people who comment on this site don't understand Japanese psychology. Also, Yuko is HIGHLY talented... she has trained to do announcements for soccer, and also, it's not unusual to put somebody in an announcer position for a sports event who is famous. Look at Dennis Miller during Monday Night Football some years back.. I found his commentary highly enjoyable, though he didn't know squat about football lol. But it was refreshing. Yuko has so many great qualities and talents and the fact that she's going to live out another dream of hers by doing the announcing... Good for her! I think it's wonderful she's accomplished things in her life that most of us only WISH we could accomplish. I think the reason for so much hate on this site towards all things AKB is that these girls are able to live lives helping others and being inspirations to others... and most of us suck at life and don't inspire anyone. It's jealousy to the ten millionth degree. I hope that AKB continues to produce lovely girls like Yuko and help them have careers once they are finished with AKB... Yuko deserves it all and more, and anyone who doesn't think so just doesn't understand or get what AKB has done for Japan and even the world, to some degree. Meh.

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@djv124 Given how Akimoto controls AKB to the extent of attempting to control their personal lives, I'd be a little skeptical of how much input the individual members have towards charitable activities. Girls shaving their heads as a recompense for doing something that most people do is unnatural. I'm sure that Yuko Oshima is a very nice woman, but I think we should employ people based on their expertise rather than their looks or fame.

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So happy to see my oshimen go from learning how to do commentary for soccer games while on AKBingo! to the real thing! I'm proud of her!!


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Hi Jordan, It's pretty much a tradition at japan today to bash anyone posting anything positive about AKB. What I don't understand mostly about this,however, is the fact that the ones spitting so much hate on here have likely never helped to raise MILLIONS for charity, travelled the world to make people of all races, sizes, ages, and shapes smile, know how to sing decently enough to anchor several hit songs, and have a down to Earth personality to match-ALL THESE THINGS OF WHICH DESCRIBE YUKO OSHIMA. That is why I'm proud of her and wish her well. The antis here are just upset that they haven't lived lives nearly as full or meaningful.

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It's rediculous how much hatred is shown towards her because people think she is talentless. I don't even know her, so I don't know if she is talentless or not.. Regardless, that is no reason to show hatred towards her or post these comments against her.

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Thank god for BBC commentary then.

You've SEEN BBC's Clare Balding, right?

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So happy to see my oshimen...

Whoah, what?! Your oshimen??? I am sure there will be a lot of menchildren - plaid shirt, bandana and glasses on sitting up watching a game they have no interest in, or understanding of when she's on. Once had the scary experience of walking by the AKB "theater" in Akiba. Lots and lots of a little too old boys, sitting on the pavement, trading cards... Guess they can sit in fron of the tube and trade cards now, instead.

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doesnt take much for people to show "pride" these days.

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So happy to see my oshimen go from learning how to do commentary for soccer games while on AKBingo! to the real thing! I'm proud of her!!

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Damn and here I was all excited and set to watch the WC on Fuji.......no more!

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Does she know the offside rule? Hahaha jk.

-4 ( +0 / -4 )

3AM?!?!? Should I stay up? Man.....

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'She is lovely and talented and will probabaly be better at commenting on the football than her wingmen.'

Even if that turns out to be true, it still isn't saying much. In general, Japanese football commentators become delirious, gibbering wrecks when Japan get within 30 yards of the opposition goal.

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Thank god for BBC commentary then.

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She is lovely and talented and will probabaly be better at commenting on the football than her wingmen.

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She has to start somewhere now that she is out of the group, anyways this girl has big dreams to "Represent Japan" in her acting skills, so don't start categorizing her as some "ditzy" chick before she can really start showing her talent.

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What the hell does she know about sports?

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The commentaries will be entertaining and laughable.

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Hmmmm. Her favorite sport? That's all it takes to land one of the most important reporting jobs in Japan? Geez. The skills the skills people!

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

Great. I can't wait to hear her in-depth analysis on all the players and matches. No doubt we'll get some fascinating input from Smap or Arashi members in the studio, too!

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It's only the opening ceremony which I won't bother watching anyway. Anyone can reel off a succession of 'sugois'. If she was co-commentating on the games, then things could get really irritating.

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Incidentally, Nakanishi Rina went Brazilian after her graduation from AKB, too.

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Well, when all you are qualified to do after "graduation" is be a ditzy eye-candy kawaii "reporter" or "tarento," you gotta do what you gotta do.

Wake me up when one of these girls actually shows the talent chops to be a real actress, reporter, or any other profession. Heck, I'd even take a talented joshi-puro.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

I like Yuko. Unfortunate that she will fall into that typical, ditzy, eye-candy, "reporter" stuff though. Would be so refreshing to once, just once, see one of them girls take another road. Guess not this time.

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