Zsa Zsa Gabor museum opens in Budapest


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Her thick Hungarian accent was much parodied -- especially her signature penchant for calling everyone she met "darling" -- or "dahlink" as she pronounced it.

Plenty of parodies. The 'Slovenian (?) Rabbit' in the Loony Tunes cartoons, anyone? And didn't Zsa Zsa gabor star in some cheap Z-grade sci-fy flick in the 50s?

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“some cheap Z-grade sci-fi flick in the 50s”

That’s the problem, sport. No-one really remembers anything Zara Zsa did, not even her nine marriages (wow), and her fifteen minutes of fame were over long before most people alive today were even born. I dunno, maybe she’s still popular with Hungarians, but without any great movies to remember her by, this museum and its chances of success will just be greeted with a resounding yawn by everyone else.

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Not exactly a career to celebrate, but she was famous and at the time a pop culture reference, if her family want to honor her with a museum they are in complete freedom to do it, some people will celebrate it even if it may never be a popular destination.

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All though not a great actress Zsa Zsa was a great personality during the end of the Hollywood studio era. Mostly remembered for her roles in John Houstons «Moulin Rouge» (1952), «Lili» (1953), Orson Welles «Touch of Evil» (1958) and the infamous guilty pleasure sci-fi movie «Queen of outer space» (1958). Gabor was a popular guest star on many talk shows for decades, both in Europe and The US. She was proud of her Hungarian heritage and I feel sure her small museum will be an interesting addition to the large studio facility it will be part of.

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Eva, her sister, was way more successful in business and TV.

New York is where I'd rather stay. 

I get allergic smelling hay. 

I just adore a penthouse view. 

Dah-ling I love you but give me Park Avenue.

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