ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill dies at age 72


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Love ZZ Top. Thanks for the music, man!

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Great musician who will be missed. I don't know how else to describe him other than he was just the most "in pocket" bassist I have ever heard.

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RIP the great Dusty Hill.

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Wow, so very sad! Only 72. RIP Mr Hill!

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Thanks for the music and the memories.

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Sad news indeed. RIP dusty

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Wish I could remember all the memories. Thanks for the music. Great beats and riffs.

ZZ Top will be playing all day in tribute.

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He will be missed.

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Blues Shuffle in C. RIP.

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In the 80s era of MTV who doesn't remember the ZZ top videos.

Great songs.

Thank you and RIP

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My Father favorite from Tres Hombres, cant turn the clock back.

ZZ Top - Jesus Just Left Chicago (From "Double Down Live - 1980")


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Great band, pure rock & roll at its finest, thanks for all the childhood memories and inspiration. Dusty was definitely one of the real musicians and not a poser. RIP

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I first got into ZZ Top as a teenager, and I ad this silly fantasy in my mind involving this blonde university student earning her teaching degree was sitting in and watching/monitoring our HS German class in order to get some 'capstone' experience. I imagined the ZZ Top hit 'Legs' would be playing and she'd be dancing to it under this huge discotheque ball. I was 17, maybe just turned 18.

I loved all those way cool videos they made and everything. The 'Eliminator' car is now in the R'n'R HOF in Cleveland, and their music gives me such great memories.

I finally got to see this band in 2018 at a balloon fest and again at a sold out arena show with Cheap Trick the next year. It was like a Halloween party both times. The security and parking personnel (men and women) wore strap-on fake long beards, there were couples f/ husbands with real or fake long beards and the wives with fake beards, and I even met a gay man married couple that both had long natural ZZ Top type beards! The irony of it all.

Everybody talks about how Dusty was the bassist but he also played synth and he sometimes sang lead as well, an energetic rave and shouter. There was 'Tush', 'I Got The Six', 'Delirious', their excellent cover of 'Viva Las Vegas' and let's not forget 'Can't Stop Rockin'' which is in the beginning of the 1993 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3' movie and where the turtles do a dance to it.

ZZ Top is an iconic band and so original. There will never be another one like them. They've enriched my life and I was hoping to possibly catch them again once this pandemic ends. Sadly, that ain't gonna happen now.

I got my memories to cherish, I've had my fun. VIVA ZZ TOP!

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Cheap sunglasses. RIP

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