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10 reasons why ladies love a Ghibli guy

By Preston Phro

Ghibli’s influence on both Japanese and global culture is hard to understate. The animation studio’s films are loved by young and old, male and female, and nearly anyone who’s ever even heard of anime. So, is it any surprise that women love the gentlemen that appear in Ghibli movies? Not really.

And if you’re feeling unlucky in love, there’s nothing better than some advice from women themselves. So read on, guys, for some Ghibli-inspired tips on impressing the ladies!

Now, you might be wondering, do women really love Ghibli men? Well here are a few tweets from Japanese ladies expressing their eternal love for Ghibli’s gents, so you can rest assured that they’re definitely popular in Japan at the very least.

“I absolutely love Ghibli men!” and “Aren’t there any Ghibli men in real, 3D?”

But just what is it about the men in Ghibli movies that women love so much? Well, it looks like there are 10 big things.

1. Focus

“Ghibli men tell the girls they like exactly how they feel, no holding back.”

“One of the amazing things about Ghibli men is that they decide ‘She’s the one!’ even before they really know what kind of person the girl is. I think today’s men and women, who are always thinking there might be someone better and spending their time going to singles’ mixers and doing spouse-hunting should take a few notes.”

Ghibli’s men don’t waiver or waffle on anything. When they find “the one,” that’s it! They set their hearts on that one lucky gal and focus on her. Though, in the real world, that can easily become more “stalking” than “romantic,” so make sure the girl actually wants your affection before you “focus” too much on her…

2. Get a job

“Imagine a singles’ mixer with Ghibli men. What is your job? Pazu: ‘I work in a mine.’ Tonbo: ‘I’m a middle school biology teacher.’ Seiji: ‘I’m a violinist.’ Howl: ‘I’m a wizard.’ Baron Humbert: ‘I’m a cat.’ Haku: ‘I work in a bath house, but I used to guard a river.’ Ashitaka: ‘I was supposed to be the leader of the Emishi tribe, but due to a curse, I’m now a NEET (not in education, employment, or training).’”

Well, aside from Ashitaka, who we think can be forgiven considering his difficult circumstances, you can see that the beloved men of Ghibli are hard workers. Take this to heart, men! If you want a lady, you’ll need to be getting the paper and ideally showing passion for your work.

3. Live an upstanding life

“I feel like you can learn a little something about a woman by asking which Ghibli guy she likes the most. For me, it’s Tombo. Instead of being jealous of Kiki’s magical powers, he strives for his dream on his own wings and lives an upstanding life. That’s the kind of guy I like. What about all of you?”

Women (and people in general) don’t want any scrubs! You can be rolling in cash and more handsome than Leonardo DiCaprio, but if you’re a jealous, backstabbing jerk, you’ll be poor in love.

4. Tuck your damn shirt in

“All the best-known Ghibli men have their pants pulled up and their shirts tucked in.”

While some of us may find the look a bit out-dated, there’s no escaping the fact that women like their men to be well-groomed and presentable. Sure, many women will look past a guy’s disheveled fashion sense, but we’re betting you’d make your life a lot easier by dressing a bit snappier and keeping it neat.

5. Being taciturn isn’t bad

“The assertive ‘Hm’ of a manly Ghibli gent is the best.”

Ghibli men may not be particularly chatty, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, women love good listeners, right? And if you can just be with someone and feel comfortable, that’s always a great sign. Of course, if you’re too shy to talk, that might also be a problem…

6. Being “child-like” can be a good thing too

“In Howl’s Moving Castle, when Markl says, ‘It’s a been a long time since we’ve had a proper breakfast,’ it really shows how Howl cooking wasn’t normal and that he was putting on airs to get Sophie to like him. When viewed like that, the scene is just really funny and neat, and you can’t help realizing how Howl is trying to be cool. Hahah!”

While no one wants to date some immature guy (or gal, for that matter), it seems that some women appreciate it when men put some effort into impressing them. (What a shock!) Now, we’re sure no one appreciates being lied to, but it certainly is adorable to see the lengths that men will go to for love.

7. Stay calm under fire

-- “When Muska tells Pazu he has three minutes, it’s not out of kindness. If you watch closely, by that time Muska has fired six shots and is out of bullets. So, while they are talking about Balse, Muska loads his gun. He says he’s waiting, but he’s really just making time for himself. When I noticed this as an adult, I was really impressed.”

While the villain of Castle in the Sky might not be the most desirable of the Ghibli gents, we have to admit that there is something special about a person who can stay calm no matter the situation. And, you know, sometimes even villains can be kind of sexy too! So, guys, if you tend to lose your cool or get stressed out easily, you might want to work on keeping a level head.

8. Nice guys don’t finish last

“Ghibli men are the kind of guys who can naturally extend a hand to those who need it, and that’s why they’re so awesome!”

“Taking a girl’s weakness to heart and giving her a present of handmade rice balls one day after meeting her. That’s a Ghibli gent’s sure-fire way to win!”

Despite what you might have heard from grumpy guys on the Internet, nice guys don’t always finish last, so don’t confuse timidity with kindness! As the tweets above point out, it’s the natural kindness of Ghibli men that many women find so appealing. And, come on, who can resist a good hand-made rice ball!?

9. But you’ve got to have guts, kid

“Women love the sophisticated but pushy leadership of Ghibli men! Exactly! RT@yuta0269: Are you listening, guys? Not ‘Do you want a ride?’ but ‘Get on.’ Not ‘Do you want something to eat?’ but ‘Eat this.’ #From Up On Poppy Hill

Well, we’re not sure how many women actually love “pushy” men, but, like our high school guidance counselors always told us, “Women love confidence!” It might be a bit much to walk up to a random lady and tell her to “Get in, we’re going for a ride,” but not many girlfriends appreciate it when their significant other can’t even make up their mind about what to order at a restaurant. So, if you’re feeling a bit unlucky in love, try kicking up your confidence level. And if you’re lacking confidence, remember: “Fake it ’til you make it,” just like Howl trying to impress Sophie.

10. Don’t worry too much about your looks

“It’s possible that the more you want Porco to return to his original form, the less you’ll get to see it. Gina loves him regardless of whether he is human or pig, but she still can’t throw that photo away. On the other hand, Fio has never seen his human form, so she has no attachment. She ends up quite liking his pig form!”

”Haku? Howl? No, no! Porco!”

While the ladies may like their men to be presentable, it doesn’t mean that’s the only thing they care about. If you’re kind, confident, and preferably employed , you can stop worrying about how pretty your face is.

Of course, if you’re not particularly confident or presentable, maybe you should sit down with a few Ghibli movies over the New Year’s break and try to pick up some tips.

Source: Naver Matome

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Personally, I prefer my men to look like they've come out of adolescence. Also, that they be the same species as me. But I'm just being choosy.

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Ghibli’s influence on both Japanese and global culture is hard to understate.

I think you mean overstate.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

I'm a pushy, secretive/cursed Haku girl all the way. And a dragon! Even better!

0 ( +0 / -0 )

I defiantly adore most of the boys/ men from these films, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be a close run between Haku and Howl.

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