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A fetish for full body suits in Japan


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“When I was 13 or 14, I even tried to make a full-body suit myself, sewing stockings together. But I stopped, thinking maybe I was doing something weird.

And, you would be right.

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To each their own but wow...

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Not sure about this trend. It's not jeans hanging below your butt, so that's good. And, I'm sure Japanese women will find a way to make this super cute, so that's great. Not too sure about seeing some dudes walking around in skin-tight "anything". That's bad! LOL

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This is no worse than bathing costumes, but it covers a lot more..

If it makes then happy then I say good for them. They're not hurting anyone.

I am a little concerned about their safety, it can't be easy to get around with your face covered, and I'm worried about someone accidentally stepping in front of a car, but I'm hoping they have the good sense to stay put when in their costumes or have thinner fabric over the eyes so they can see.

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Wearing masks that cover almost their entire face (for no reason) wasn't enough, I guess. Now this. I say it all the time - this country should be called Land of the Rising Weird.

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Meanwhile in Japan, this happens.....sigh

You can savor more mentally-fulfilling communication with others, he said. It is such a wonderful thing.

So can anyone, it's called talking to people

This on the other hand is like outdoor hikikomori?

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"they are seeking liberation by effacing the physical self" - pretty cool looking, if you are in good shape.

Otherwise? Not so much.

It seems motivated by a real need for freedom from judgment. The article suggests these few cannot pick a role model, more like people who are sick of a judgmental social environment. Harmless, but is it an indicator of internal distress like so many counter culture manifestations.

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Another chance for intolerant people to say "Japan is weird." I like that Japanese are not afraid to explore other options, and that they can sit in a bar like this without being harassed like they would in many other countries. Costumes have always been conducive to more open communication - people speak more freely when their identities are hidden.

Sure, you can say it's just "talking to people," but I find much conversation to be filled with subtexts and status concerns. One of the first questions out of an American will be to learn what you do for a living, for example. Everything else flows from that (status, money, opportunity, usefulness, etc.)

I just read an article where naked yoga classes are popular in New York. Now who's really weird?

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I just read an article where naked yoga classes are popular in New York. Now who's really weird?

url? address? phone#?

Im sure this will become a hype somehow. The things people do nowadays to get some attention.

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This is nothing new... The only thing that is new are the odd colors.

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If they enjoy with that i don't see the problem. This fetish has been since a long long time ago...

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On one level its a manifestation of self-consciousness which shows a lack of empathy for others. It assumes that other people exist solely on the basis to judge you-which is ultimately a very self-absorbed view of things. But, if they enjoy it fine. It just made the inventors of all those new high tech train station face reading police cameras just go 'Doh!'

'They have too many role models and can't choose which one to follow...' Here's an idea- just be yourself...or would your program malfunction if you tried to operate outside the parameters?

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if they are walking around like this all the time, they will be discriminated and isolated and in some ways defeats the purpose in what they are trying to achieve.

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People around ice hockey are used to this!


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I'm a bit confused as to what she is doing sitting at a bar if she is unable to drink or eat with her costume on. Does she just pay them a flat rate to sit at a chair for a certain amount of hours?

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“With my face covered, I cannot eat or drink like other customers,”

So why are the owners allowing you to use up a seat?? Frankly I would walk out of a place if I saw one of these people sitting there.

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makes me think of Pepsiman

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Can't eat or drink? If you can breathe through it, surely then you can suck your soup through it too.

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I don't want to see when one of these guys gets excited.

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What happens when they meet a group who love dressing like power rangers....hopefully and awesome dance battle.

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One of those "trends" that's about as trendy as straight teeth here. A sub-set of a sub-set of people.

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I just wonder how their bbqs are going...

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@Alex Einz- I honestly got worried at the BBQ part too @@ so easy to end up getting BBQ-d themselves ><

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It feels secure inside. No one can see my face and i become a different person inside.

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Dear Japan, once again, seriously wtf??? The Rest of the World

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well Thunderbird, to each their own. They could say the same for the rest of the world who dress in furry outfits. Whatever makes them happy and at least its something unique

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I get I . At the bar, she has a straw that fits nicely into a hole in the front of her mouth.

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Basically they're like "super heros" without any special powers.......a geeks fantasy!

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''I have led my life always worrying about what other people think of me'' Here's an idea. Why don't you stop worrying about what others think of you. Seriously, these people need to get a life. Try doing something constructive like helping those with real issues, eg. the destitute in Africa. Frankly, I find the ''groping for a different way of expressing their own identity'' pretty disturbing. A fine line between them and those chikan on the trains.

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Each to his own but I wonder how long it would be before someone robs a bank in this get up. Woudl make for an interesting description to the police based on what you have to go on.

I also dont see this catching on overseas any time soon. And based on some of the sights I saw in Walmart the other day, thank God, really....

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I think a burka would be more comfortable, especially in the summer.

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just like any other group, to hold barbecues or parties. Unlike any other group, they are covered head-to-toe in skintight Lycra.

How do they eat at their barbecues?

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They obviously don't sit around in pachinko parlors wasting money or smoke like chimneys in their suits and most likely don't smell like dirty odl salary men after a night of sleeping in their crumpled cheap suit so they can sit next to me in the train any time

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I will give up drinking to access they say when you start seeing pink elephants thats the time to stop, well Iam almost there, now I am seeing pink ladies multi coloured people, OMG! think my drink been spiked.

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Has anybody actually seen somebody dressed in one of these things? I surely haven't. Glad I saw it here first, 'cause if without warning I would have seen one of these people I would probably have thought they were from nearby Aoyama Cemetery ... or the funny farm ...

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Can't be very "practical" when they need "to go"... and definitely NOT for the claustrophobic !

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Ahh, of course, the favorite of world journalists, the stereotypes of weird, perverted, strange Japanese folk and their bizarre fetishes.

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Ground control to major tom, forget the protein pills, and pour that full body suit on.

No, ignore those 'voices' resist the temptation. Your country needs you to halt Japan's shrinking population. Seniore Spandex and younger cousin Lady Lyca are natures nasty clothing conundrums, the residual side effects of prolonged or repetitive usage as items of 'fashion', are bound to manifest in various exhibitions of obviously bizarre behaviour, ok so it's whimsically strange viewed from certain angles and directions.

Live and let live I guess, whatever floats ones boat........

“I was always fascinated by hero costumes as a child,” said member Hanaka, 22, who was introduced to the club by her 25-year-old boyfriend, Popo. “When I was 13 or 14, I even tried to make a full-body suit myself, sewing stockings together. But I stopped, thinking maybe I was doing something weird.

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Can't eat or drink? If you can breathe through it, surely then you can suck your soup through it too.

I'm sure you are right. With an orifice and a tube, surely sucking soup would be possible.

But, while we are on the subject of orifices, how do they . . . ?

Never mind. I'd rather not think about it!

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