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Actors blast U.S. film website for revealing ages


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I think its a good thing their ages are posted. Not all of the actors ages are posted either. Whats the difference between IMDb and Wikipedia??? Stop crying, your making 20 times my salary!

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This doesn't make sense. They revealed what I assume are the accurate ages of these actors and for that they're being sued?

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Stop crying, your making 20 times my salary!

They don't. Few actors are like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The decently paid are the elite. The other 90% + are not on wikipedia. They are on only on IMDB (that lists tens of thousands) and they get low wages, for irregular short work stints. They do all the small roles in the background of characters in TV series and B series movies, they get even jobs for local ads and stage events in shopping malls.

Yes, Paulinusa, they found the official birth date of the woman from her credit card data and they published it. I can't imagine a shop or any business daring to do that. It's a lack of respect of customer privacy. Just for the principle, I hope they lose the case and get to pay big money. If not, what's next ? They'll publish medical records including HIV status ? personal address for your stalkers ? Why not her credit card number ? And well, as all the pros in movie industry check the data base, if they see Miss B. 46, they don't even look photos, they click away. They can browse "actress in their 30's". While without age, her agency sends her photos as "woman in her late 20's/30's" and they often find she looks OK to play a 32 yr old woman, a 35 yr old Mum, etc, so they call her to come to the castings.

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Hey look, employers do the same thing to regular people and we don't have the luxury to hide our ages when we go for interviews. If they sue IMDb then maybe everyone should sue potential employers that turn candidates down. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? And what is a low wage? forty thousand???

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er...actually...Most employers are not allowed to ask your age during the interview process. Should they find that you are suitable for the job, of course all that information is handed over. If you've been asked, then neither you nor the prospective employer knew the law.

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yeah cry me a river. if you are 50 then thats your age. so what they will find middle aged roles for you, what does this lady want? to be 50 & play the part of a 17 yr old Girl?

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Er... Jonobugs... when you fill out an application for MOST jobs you have to give a birth date. And yes you can be refused a job if you are too young or if the job requires you to do something you are not able to do and they cannot make suitable accommodations.

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It's Michelle Yeoh, I just know it is. :)

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Poor little actors. Stop whining. Actors, FFS so bloody fragile and delicate.

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If you do not make it big when young, and then start to fade, just find new work.

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