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Aichi seeks full-time 'ninjas' for tourism


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180000 yen a month? About the same as an English teacher.....

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Where can I apply!! This is literally my dreamjob.

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180000 yen a month? About the same as an English teacher.....

If you're only getting that much, you are probably working for Heart Corporation.

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Not really. Getting up on GAijinpot you see ALOT of full time work for less than 200 a month. I would have loved to do this job, if the money was better. I constantly go to iga to research the ninja history there. It is my favorite place in Japan.

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omg :D I would love to do this~ their uniforms and poses look se- attracti- uh I mean beautifull <3

and you can be a badass ninja! :3

Hard choosing between what I'd rather do, this job or study ANIME at the otaku academy in tokyo they recently had an article about. XD

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@ Naomi, I would start with looking for the "Satoshi Adachi of the prefectural government’s tourism promotion unit" quoted in the article and request information on the application process. Good luck!

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@ Aly - My post was a jab at Heart, not meant as a statement of fact

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